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List of The Best Co-working Spaces in Amsterdam

by Rafal Sulowski

Good morning entrepreneur! I am happy to welcome you on this blog 😉 It is always a pleasure to host a hardworking person on these pages! So you are searching for a place that will boost your creativity, effectiveness and bring a lot of joy. I am happy to say that Amsterdam is full of great Co-working spaces. If you have any experience with this focus dens please share your opinion in the comment section below.

Photo Courtesy of Zoku || Facebook Profile

On this list, I put together, in my opinion, the best coworking spaces in Amsterdam. But, keep in mind, that each of us is different and each of us has different preferences, working style, attitude. I encourage you to try a few spaces before you choose to get a membership. In most cases, you pay around 20 Euros for a working day and that’s a great way to get to know a new co-working spot. In most situation, you can work a day for free. Amsterdam is full of these working hubs and for sure you find one that is just perfect for you.

Did you know that Amsterdam has the highest amount of coworking spaces per square kilometer in the world??? There are over 60 different coworking places in this town. You should also know that Amsterdam is one of the best spots in the World for traveling entrepreneurs, freelances and basically people willing to work on their own.

Below you can explore a list of my favorite coworking spots in Amsterdam. Enjoy and share with me your experience! What about other cities? Where is your favorite coworking space in the world?


Photo Courtesy of Zoku || Facebook Profile

Welcome to the future! That’s how the working environment will look like in the coming years. Zoku is my favorite spot on the coworking map of Amsterdam.

Zoku provides a space for traveling entrepreneurs who at the moment
are working and living in Amsterdam. You can call it home-office and I see more and more that sort of places. There are live music events, happy hours, you can even listen to some inspirational talks and bond with other travelers and the local community. Zoku is, in fact, a hybrid a co-working space with a hotel. You can live there and work. It’s a great place if the work-life balance is important for you. They serve a deliciously fresh, healthy food and a spa.

In Zoku you meet like-minded people from all over the world and this is a life-changing experience. Hey, I am not their marketing guy, but trust me, you won’t regret a minute in this office.

Photo Courtesy of Zoku || Facebook Profile

Zoku is located on Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN Amsterdam.
Please visit their website for more information – Link Here


Photo Courtesy of Bounce Space || Facebook Profile

I am really delighted with co-working spaces in Amsterdam and you will see me saying a lot of big words about them. And bare with me, you will see on your own that everything I say is true 🙂

The BounceSpace is all about community, people and creativeness. They believe in new age coworking space with a slightly rebellious atmosphere. I must admit that I like it.

In the end, no one wants to work, and live in a serious atmosphere. Of course, there is space, where you can dive deep into your work, focus, and no one will interrupt you.

Photo Courtesy of Bounce Space || Facebook Profile

Bounce space is located in Overtoom 141, a few steps from the northern entrance to Vondelpark. During the break, you can walk in the park or have some fun in a break zone, meet cool people, play billiard or enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. They even have a bicycle repair station in the office ^^

In BounceSpace you don’t have to sign any long-term contracts. There are flexible memberships starting from as little as 129 Euro per month. You can anytime cancel your subscription.


Photo Courtesy of WorkSpace 6 || Facebook Profile

When I search for coworking space, wherever I go I want a place which is interesting and boost my creativity and I must admit WorkSpace 6 meets these requirements.

In WorkSpace 6 you can count on the friendly crew and creative, like-minded people. It’s a pretty calm place where you can rent a desk and focus on your things. If you are looking for a co-working space of hardworking professionals this is a great place for you.

WorkSpace 6 is a place, where freelancers, corporates, artists, entrepreneurs, and start-ups can bring their ambitious ideas to life. It is a great pleasure to work together with those great people. It makes me hustle!! 😀

Photo Courtesy of WorkSpace 6 || Facebook Profile

It’s located close to the central station, so you can easily get there, wherever you live. If you need a little bit of privacy or maybe you would like to organize a meeting, there is a dedicated room.

For more information you should visit their website – Link Here


Photo Courtesy of Boven De Balie || Facebook Profile

A couple of years ago Bovendebalie was chosen the best coworking space in Amsterdam and there is a reason for that.

I like its wooden interior and atmosphere. The venue has just a perfect size for me. It’s not too big, so you don’t feel like working in the airport hallway and it isn’t as small so you feel claustrophobic. You meet different people on a daily basis. It brings a feeling that something is changing all the time and I like that kind of atmosphere.

I believe that business is just a mirror of the owner’s nature and the guy who runs Boven De Balie co-working space is a very relaxed man. He is a great soul and you can feel that there is no tension at all. They even let you work for a few hours without charging you any fee. Give it a try and if you like it get a membership!!

Photo Courtesy of Boven De Balie || Facebook Profile

Bovendebalie is located on Leidseplein, in the center of Amsterdam. You can find this spot on the second floor of Cafe De Balie! There is a space for 40 people working on their internet businesses. You can rent a desk or a few of them in a shared area. Of course, you get access to a locker, meeting rooms and there is unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks. You can use a network printer and there is a lighting speed internet connection. There is daily shared lunch, where you can meet other ambitious and hardworking souls. For me working long hours on my laptop is tiring and I need talking to other people, laughing and having fun together. That’s why I loved the idea of shared lunches.

This office is located in Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam
For more information, you should visit their website – Link Here

Meet Berlage

Photo Courtesy of Meet Berlage || Facebook Profile

Meet Berlage has very good reviews, there is a hippie bar, relaxed atmosphere, cool co-working zone, and meeting rooms. it’s just a great place to sit down and get things done. It’s also well suited for business meetings and there is everything you need for startups. There is a meeting room where you can organize presentations. When you visit Meetberlage you must try their coffee!! It is top-notch!!

Photo Courtesy of Meet Berlage

Meet Berlage is located right in the center of Amsterdam. Gorgeous surrounding, interesting people and a relaxed atmosphere – that’s how I would describe this coworking space. Give it a try!!

You can arrange a free tour anytime and check yourself if MeetBerlage is a space for you. You can do this on their website or you can just call them – Link to Website – Phone number: +3120-2610903

The Thinking Hut

Photo Courtesy of The Thinking Hut || Facebook Profile

This is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Amsterdam. There are two different locations, in Oost and Zuid. In short, The Thinking Hut is about creativity, great atmoshpere, and amazing people. You may be surprised that I say so many good words about co-working spaces in Amsterdam, but to be honest there are many spaces worth visiting and I mention here the best ones in my opinion. In the end, you should visit a few a choose the one that suits you the most. Ok, let’s get back to The Thinking Hut.

Photo Courtesy of The Thinking Hut || Facebook Profile

It is a great place for start-ups and if you want to organize some training they have everything you need.

Their common area, break out zone and kitchen make you feel like at home. Their garden is a great place for some summer working outdoor session.

It is easy to get there and you can always count on the welcoming, nice atmosphere. In The Thinking Hut, you meet a mix of Dutchies and Internationals. In short, you should give it a try.

For more information visit their website – link here


Photo Courtesy of Stardock || Facebook profile

Startdock is located in the very center of Amsterdam, in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. You can feel an amazing atmosphere of this place. People are friendly, ambitious and motivating. Some may say it is a little bit too loud but there is always a quiet spot where you can move.

Photo Courtesy of Stardock || Facebook profile

Startdock is located on Herengracht 420, 1017 BZ Amsterdam
For more information, you should visit their website – Link Here

Hackers & Founders

Photo Courtesy of Hackers & Founders || Website

If you are an IT nerd, then Hackers & Founders is a great place for you. Located in a beautiful area of Herengracht ( One of the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam ) is an amazing co-working space focused on tech start-ups. Be proud of being a Nerd and join Hackers & Founders!!

Monthly desk rent is about €250 but there is everything included in this price. You have your own desk, unlimited coffee from Lot Sixty One ( That’s a very good coffee – my own experience ) access to lockable cabinet, meeting rooms, kitchen and there is a great internet connection, even in the garden.

Visit their website to learn more about their office – Link Here

Hackers & Founders Building
Herengracht 504
1017 CB Amsterdam

Tips For Finding The Best Coworking Space

There are many different coworking spaces in Amsterdam. When it comes to these I mention in that article I am sure you will enjoy all of them. But we are all different, and some spots may suit you more than the others. Some people need big spaces, others need a silent room, and some enjoy working in the busy office. Because of that, before you get a membership in one specific coworking space, you should visit a few of them. Paying for a day pass in each coworking space would be quite expensive, so the best way is to use a Croissant app. You can sign up for a Croissant monthly membership and with one pass, you can visit multiple co-working spaces. The first week of using Croissant is free and you can sign up here –> Link

Lighting Fast Network

It is important that you can always count on a very fast and reliable internet connection. When you are in the process of searching the best coworking space in your town you should check its internet speed and you can do this on speedtest.net


There are always some lockers, so you can leave some of your belongings in the coworking space. For me, it’s quite important because there are things I don’t want to carry daily back and forth. It’s also important for travelers that they don’t have their valuable things only in one place. It’s wise to keep some of them in your apartment and some of them in place such as locker in coworking space

Is Parking Available?

A car, in general, is not a good idea when you live in Amsterdam. Of course, when you live in the suburbs it is different. But if you are looking for a co-working space in the city center, it is going to cost a lot to park your car near the office. You can go to P+R or choose a working location further from the city center.

Food and Drinks

In all coworking spaces, you can get free coffee and tea. In some, you also get some food and other drinks, but not in all of them. Most of the time you get a free coffee and this is a key to success ^^

Silent Room

Depends on what working atmosphere you prefer, you may enjoy silent spaces or rooms full of energy and motivation. We are all different and some people need quiet space, where they can focus completely on their task and some just enjoy a cherished atmoshpere. They like to laugh and motivate each other. Keep in mind that most coworking spaces have both, silent rooms and big rooms where many people work at the same time. You can even rent a little office only for yourself for an extra fee.

I’ve even seen soundproof rooms which are very important for video calls or audio recordings. It is, after all, important to have a little privacy and you often don’t want to interrupt others. Better to check if they provide space you need before you get a membership.

How Many People Have Already a Membership?

You visit your future co-working space and it is very calm, so you sign up and become a member. You are surprised when visiting next time and the office is packed. Ask in advance how many people are members, it’s important that you have enough privacy. Some people need more space and some are fine with working in a hive of activity.

Ask for Extra Costs

Sometimes you have to pay extra for training room, coffee, a projector or a locker. Ask in advance what is included in price.

Opening Hours

It’s important to check if the building is accessible 24 hours. You won’t like to be surprised that you have to leave at a time when you are very busy. Many co-working spaces are closed on the weekends and for example, for me, it’s important that I have access to my workplace on weekends.

How To Get The Most of Coworking Space?

Connect With People

It makes you feel like a part of the group but it also makes you learn and grow. People working in these places are often very smart people and you can build on their experience. Don’t focus only on your work!! It is important to bond and keep in mind that you are a result of your 5 closest friends. In coworking spaces, you can find high-quality friends:)

Challenge Accepted

As you get to know people and environment you start competing with others and it makes you much more effective. Sometimes people organize laser focus marathons. It basically means that you meet with other people who want to get shit done and you work for example for 24 hours, 3 hours work – 15 minutes break, 3 hours work – 15 minutes break. Let’s Hustle!! 😀

Give a Free Lecture

Give free training on whatever your field of expertise is. It’s a great way to connect with people and it makes them perceive you as an expert in a particular area. You share your experience and others also do. Together you build a life-changing learning experience!!

Share with People in The Office

You can share your knowledge, your skills, but you can also share your books. I mean donate them to the coworking space. That’s how you can teach people indirectly. This is the last and my most powerful tip! – Share your food and you will get friends very quick.

Why coworking space?

Coworking space is especially a great spot for travelers because wherever they go, there is a place that becomes their headquarter. It’s also a good solution for small businesses. In coworking space, you can often meet people running 1 person businesses. But why not working at home? What these places can offer you and is it actually worth it?

First of all, I am much more effective when I go out and work there. At home, there are always some responsibilities, distractions and most of the time you can’t focus long enough to work effectively. Also, when I am surrounded by hardworking people, I hustle baby! It makes me motivated like crazy!! 🙂

Secondly, there is free coffee and food. You can even order lunch at a decent price. I’ve heard about a coworking space with a free beer XD For me it is important that I don’t have to spend extra time on cooking or searching for restaurants. If there is everything I need in one place I am more than happy.

Next, Networking – Imagine what kind of people are looking for coworking spaces? There is always atmoshpere of motivation, dreaming big, working hard and that’s what makes me work even more than I would at home. You will also meet people from different backgrounds, and often they can help you.

Finally, Low Price! -Coworking space is a solution for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers to have an open space office with everything they need for a very little price. It depends on the office, and a type of membership you go for, but prices start from € 125

What if you could be surrounded by truly inspired, great people and work together, so you can live this ambitious life together!

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