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Top 6 Side Hustle Business Ideas for Amsterdam in 2023

by Rafal Sulowski

When someone wins the Powerball lottery jackpot, one of the first things they think about is how to
make that money work for them.

I was living in Amsterdam for 7 years. I must admit that it’s extremaly open-minded city that works like a magnet for all kind of individuals. Myself I am a creator entreprenuer and I was looking at this city(as well) from business perspective. Amsterdam is a city where you can find people making money on business that wouldn’t work anywhere else. This city is special, excentric, loving, dynamic, relaxed and moving out caused me a heartbreak. Though I will share with you my thoughts of possible businesses I was considering myself while living there. Maybe it will help you create something special here.

6 Side Hustle Business Ideas for Amsterdam in 2023

  1. Pet Sitting Service
  2. Cuddling Service
  3. Storyteller – Standuper
  4. Home Staging
  5. Dog Walking Service

Pet sitting service

Plenty of rich travelers with pets are visiting Amsterdam. They stop here for 2-3 days and move on. They travel with dogs and cats. I own a Facebook group where travellers can ask questions about visiting Amsterdam. They often ask for suggestion for reliable pet sitting service. That’s why I came up with this idea. This is a cool little business idea for someone living in Amsterdam, and staying at home all day. If going well add grooming and pet beauty service service.

Cuddling service

Have you ever heard that there are professional cuddlers? Some people who experience PTSD, anxiety, stress and mostly lonely people use cuddling services. I am sure this business won’t work everywhere but it could work out in Amsterdam. Why? Amsterdam is a city of single people who want to achieve, party, live a dream life. Loneliness isn’t anything uncommong here.

Although there are a few cuddling services in Amsterdam, this idea still has potential. How did I come up with this idea?

Accidently searching internet I found Samantha Hess. She came up with a business of cuddling for hours. For a
dollar a minute, you can cuddle with a “professional cuddler.” The offer also includes holding hands,
scratching the back, stroking the hair, talking, playing games, and listening to music. In other words:
spending time together.
Hess has grown the business so much that it had several employees and offers courses in being a
“hugger,” culminating in obtaining a certificate. Alienation and callousness in societies are
progressing, and, unfortunately, it may soon turn out that cuddling is the profession of the future.
Sadly, Hess retired from the profession she created.

I just resonate with this idea. My intuition tells me that Amsterdam is a great place for business like this

Storyteller – Standup

Have you heard about Mezrab. It’s by far my favorite place in Amsterdam. It’s a storytelling bar with home-line vibe. People working there are volunteers, prices are low, and fun guaranteed. So I just shared with you my beloved place, but also what I want to tell you is that Amsterdam is known for it’s standup and storytelling. There are plenty of places where you can go for standup-storytelling every day.


Probably you won’t get rich quick. In fact I don’t think you will earn anything until you get good at it. But if you’ve ever tought about it Amsterdam is probably the best place to give it a try. I believe on Wednesdays there is open stage in Mezrab.

Our last business idea for the day is storytelling in kindergartens, nurseries, and schools. This is
perfect for someone with a knack for telling stories, making them up on the spur of the moment,
with good intonation, a pleasant voice, and fond of children. They can also read books or compose
rhymes with children. A more ambitious proposition than a clown or any other kind of animator.
Kids love fairy tales and stories, and parents are increasingly organizing lavish parties with cake and
games for them. So, there may be people willing to hire such a person to entertain the little guests.

Home staging

Home staging is the professional preparation of an apartment for rent or sale. It’s a new trend in
decorating. Sometimes it involves doing renovations, other times just minor touch-ups, decorating
the house, taking the owner’s personal items, and taking some great photos. The home stager
charges a commission of the apartment’s sale price or the amount for 2-3 square meters of the
apartment if the transaction goes through after their intervention.
This service may be limited to providing advice on what should be improved in a given apartment. In
this case, they charge a certain fee per hour of consultation.

Dog Walking Service

People in the city center of Amsterdam are extremally busy. Time is priceless. I know some people that would actually pay someone to walk their dog.

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