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Is Zaandam a Good Place to Stay?

by Rafal Sulowski

People who plan their first trip to Amsterdam search for some interesting cities around. Some people want to save money by staying in neighbor cities and others want to choose the closest city to attractions they plan to see. That’s why I create these articles and I give you a general overview of these cities surrounding Amsterdam. So today I will give you some insights when it comes to Zaandam. Is Zaandam a Good Place To Stay?

From the touristic perspective, Zaandam is not a good place to stay if you plan to spend most of your time in Amsterdam. Zaandam is 16 minutes by train from Amsterdam and trains stop at 1 am. For the same price, you can rent something in Amsterdam. It has a good connection with Zaanse Schans.

In this article, you will find some more information about Zaandam. Is it safe? Is it a good place to live? If you take up decision of staying in Zaandam there are also some interesting things to do. I will share them with you. What about transportation to Amsterdam and other nearby attractions. You will find answers in this article! Enjoy.

Is Zaandam a Good Place to Stay?

If you plan to visit Amsterdam on a budget staying in Zaandam may be a good idea. I’ve been working in Zaandam for some time and, in general, I like this place. It’s a small city with a nice main street. I like it but, it is not much exciting about this town. Probably you have seen already a hotel that has been built in the traditional Dutch style. You can see it further in the article. It looks very interesting.

There are some shops, restaurants, and cafes, and basically, everything is within the city center. If you are an active person, in 1 hour you will see everything you could see. For people who like cycling, they may think about renting a bicycle. There are many bike routes crossing beautiful Dutch landscapes. It takes 45 minutes to get to Amsterdam by bike, but there is less cycling than 45 minutes because on your way you have to cross IJ Canal. There are free ferries 24/7 cruising from Amsterdam Noord to Amsterdam Centraal. You can also get to Amsterdam by train and you can rent a bike over there. Then you can cycle around and discover Amsterdam from a bike perspective.

If you plan to rent a bike in Amsterdam here you can find information on where to rent the cheapest bike in Amsterdam.
On the other hand, if you stay in Zaandam it’s a good idea to get a bike and cycle to Zaanse Schans. It’s only 20 minutes away from the city center of Zaandam.

If you find a hotel at a good price and on your bucket list there is a Zaanse Schans I would give it a try and stay in Zaandam but if you are an active person and you plan to party, Zaandam isn’t a place for you.

Is Zaandam a Good Place to Live?

Zaandam is quite boring, so it depends on what do you like to do. If you don’t really go out, you work, go to the gym and watch Netflix in the evening that is a good place to live. It’s much cheaper than Amsterdam and there is everything one may need for a living. It’s also close to Amsterdam, only 15 minutes by train. I like to go out often so I wouldn’t really like to live there.

I would recommend Zaandam for families on a budget, as it’s easy to find a job there and accommodation is much cheaper. Also if you like cycling and walking it’s a good place to live.

Zaandam Things To Do

Among the most popular places to visit in Zaandam are:

  • The Czar Peter house
  • The Zsaan museum
  • Monet Atelier
  • Honig Brethuis
  • De Schoolmeester Westzaan
  • The Hemburg Museum

Shopping in Zaandam

Most of the shops are located in the city center. The main street is called Gedempte Gracht. You can find there MediaMarkt, Primark, New Yorker, C&A, HM, Zara, some cafes and restaurants. I can recommend you a fries on Damstraat. If you are hungry, go to Cartel, they serve great burgers.

What is Close To Zaandam?

Zaanse Schans

Zaandam Parks

My favorite park in Zaandam is Watermolen Jagersveld. That’s where we used to spend summer days, make a barbecue and play football. I also used to go fishing there. There are pretty big carps and pikes. Keep in mind that you need a fishing license if you want to go fishing in the Netherlands.

Twiske is another park I would like to recommend to you. It’s a little further from the city center but definitely worth visiting. You can read more about this park on their website.

Where To Stay in Zaandam?

When it comes to accommodation in Zaandam, I have two recommendations. My favorite place to stay in Zaandam is Joans B&B. It’s a little cozy B&B. There is 1 bedroom, two beds, a garden and I love how it looks. When I travel, most of the time I choose B&B because they feel more personal and for me, there must be breakfast included so I can eat something and grab a coffee before I start my day.

Another place I would like to recommend to you the famous hotel in Zaandam. It’s built in a Dutch traditional style. You can see it before. Here you can check their availability.

Zaandam, a city close to Amsterdam

Where To See Windmills in Zaandam?

Zaanse Schans is a historic windmill area in Zaandam. This place looks like an 18th-century Dutch village. You can find their interactive exhibitions, enter windmills and go for a guided tour. Zaanse Schans is definitely worth visiting.

It’s only 20 minutes by bike from the city center or a 1-hour walk. You can get there by bus. Take bus number 391 from the bus stop: Zaandam, Het Mennistenerf. It takes 20 minutes to get from the city to Zaanse Schans.

What Are Alternative Cities?

Haarlem – Have you heard of Haarlem? If not you must read this article. Haarlem is a city 20 minutes from Amsterdam. You can get there by train and a return ticket costs 9 euros. Haarlem is a lovely medieval city, where I’ve been living for almost 5 years. I can definitely recommend it but don’t count on low prices. Haarlem is like a little Amsterdam but also when it comes to prices – it’s very expensive.


Is Zaandam Safe?

The Netherlands is safe in general. I used to work for 2 years in Zaandam and from my experience, it is a safe city. I wouldn’t worry about safety.

Is Zaandam in Amsterdam?

No, Zaandam is not a part of Amsterdam. Zaandam is a part of Zaanstad, and it’s on the northern side of the Ij river while Amsterdam is on the southern part.

How To Get From Zaandam To Amsterdam?

You can get from Zaandam to Amsterdam in 15 minutes by train. The last train is around 1 am so in the night your best option is Uber. For fitness people, there is also cycling. It takes 45 minutes to cycle from Zaandam to Amsterdam city center and this time includes a 10-minute ferry from Amsterdam Noord to Amsterdam Centraal Station. A ferry is free and it cruises all night.

How To Get To Zaandam From Schiphol Airport?

During the day time, it’s very easy to get from Schiphol airport to Zaandam. It’s only 17 minutes away by train. You can also get a taxi but that’s pricey.
Airport transportation can be challenging at night. If your flight is early in the morning you will have to take a taxi. The first train that goes to the airport is around 5:30 am

Wrap Up

If you would like to stay in Zaandam because you want to save some money, it doesn’t really make any sense as you have to pay for a train ticket for each person and you will lose a lot of time on transportation. If you plan to spend some time in Zaanse Schans, Volendam or Marken this can be a good idea.

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