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This is How Much Does Uber Eats Pay in Amsterdam, Netherlands

by Micaela Zaslabsky

The Delivery market is very big and on high demand all over the world, but Amsterdam is the epicentre of delivery food. UberEATS is one of the biggest companies in Amsterdam, instaurated in the city since 2016 and growing every year.

UberEATS delivery rates vary per hour and day of the week: you can earn from 8 on a Monday morning to 14 euros on a Saturday evening. You have to be online during that hour and take at least one delivery during that time slot. To the total of your earning, you have to deduct the 10% service fee.

With UberEATS you can earn a proper salary because the minimum payment you will get corresponds with the minimum salary established by the Dutch Government. There are more details and information characteristic of Amsterdam UberEATS. If you are interested in knowing more about UberEATS and how to get a full time or parttime job, read on.

UberEATS: Useful Information

UberEATS is a delivery company established in the Netherlands since 2016. It has been operative ever since in Amsterdam and it has a broad range of restaurants of all types and stars.

UberEATS belongs to the same company as the taxis, Uber. However, instead of sending taxis, they send food to the locations. This is exactly the same way this company works. All over the world, they work with a selection of restaurant sending motorcycles and taxis but in Amsterdam, they use bikes!

Unlike in other countries, the Netherlands is special for many reasons, also including UberEATS. These are some of the main factors to consider:

  • Minimum Salary: Unlike in other countries, in the Netherlands, there is a minimum wage not only for fully employed people but also for parttime people of all ages. In the case of UberEATS, this is the same case, with a minimum wage, and growing depending on the hour.
  • Bikes: like everything in the Netherlands, bikes are the first choice. Unlike other countries, UberEATS delivery can be done by bike, and moreover, it is mostly done by bike.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Cheap: this is related to the usage of bikes, which means not investing in something as expensive as a car, not having to pay for gas and not contaminating either.
  • Easy to Enrol: anyone over 18 years old can enrol online. Following this link or just through the app on your phone. It also means that only by being online you will be able to earn money and
  • No Dutch: both English and Dutch are allowed in this job, not only because you don’t have to say much to anyone, but because the app is available in both languages.
  • Tipping: in the Netherlands is not compulsory to give tips but it is a habit of some people and socially acceptable to do it if you were fast, polite and so on. If you want to know more about it, I dedicated a whole article to it, here.
  • Parttime or Fulltime: with UberEATS you don’t have any obligation, you only have to be available when you want, you pay a service rate to the company when you do so and you decide if you want to do it the full day, every day, or on your free time.

If you are looking for a job, you know how to cycle and you know your way around Amsterdam, this can be a good parttime job or your first job in the Netherlands. Now, keep reading for some important matters.

How Much do I Earn?

How much each delivery person earns depends on how many hours that person works. In UberEATS website you will find an old table with all the prices of each fee for an hour. Check it out here.

In any case, here there is a table for you to check how much you can earn and an explanation:

The rate you will earnWhen
8-9 eurosMonday to Friday morning until noon.
10 eurosEvery day from 17:30 until 18:00, Saturday and Sunday mornings.
11 or more Dinner rates, from 18:00 until 20:00 all days, mostly on weekends.
14 or moreDinner on Friday and Sunday nights
No workfrom 14:00 until 17:30 every day, plus mornings before 11:0 and before after 23:00.
  • These earnings are guaranteed. This means that if you are online on the app during this time, no matter how many deliveries there are or if there is only one (AT LEAST ONE), you will get paid that minimum. However, you will be paid more if there is more demand and you do more deliveries.
  • Actual salary: it doesn’t depend on the minimum rate only but the number of deliveries you do. The minimum is what you will get if you are online, the rate is what you get depending on how many deliveries you do. This means that you will earn from each salary (depending on the restaurant and the distance, etc). The actual rate you will calculate depending on your deliveries.
  • For instance: if you work from 10 to 11 every weekday, you will earn 40 euros a week. If you work during Fridays or Saturdays 4 hours every day, you will at least earn 40 euros each day, or more.
  • Service fee: To your total earning for hours, you will have to pay UberEATS 10% of the total of your earnings. If 8 euros, 80 cents, if 40 euros, 4 euros.
  • More: you can work half an hour, you will be guarantee half of the rate; you can work only on a limited area in the centre of the city and there is an area of neighbourhood with more deliveries.
  • Rain Coat: they provide you with a raincoat and a backpack for the food when you start working there.

Things to Consider

I have worked in the Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam for years, so here there are some technical things besides the job that you have to consider if you are looking for your first job in the Netherlands:

Getting on a Bike

UberEATS Amsterdam is one of the pioneers on using bikes for delivery services in the company. Considering that everything in the Netherlands is done by bike, it is not surprising. You can choose to deliver with a car, bike or motorcycle, so if you go for a bike, keep reading.

It is good to have some experience cycling in Amsterdam and knowing all the rules about cycling, especially in such a crowded and touristic city. It is important to know that you will need your own bike and that UberEATS won’t provide you with one. Here you have some useful information that may help you:

  1. If you would like to know more about the rules of cycling in Amsterdam, this article may help you: 14 Cycling Rules Everyone Should Know in Amsterdam
  2. Getting a bike: you can use your own bike, a new one if you have it or a second hand one. I have always gotten my bikes in Marktplaats or through Facebook. It is good to invest in a good bike because you are going to be using it a lot and it is always good to know how to repair a bike.

Working in the Netherlands

If it is the first time you are working in the Netherlands, as flexible as it is and as easy as it seems to get a job, there are many things you have to consider by doing this, among them, the most important ones are BSN number, getting health insurance and asking for Government help if your income is not high enough.

BSN Number

In order to work in the Netherlands, you need a personal number, a BSN number. This number you will get as soon as you register in the City Hall when you arrive in the Netherlands. It is the number you will be asked for when you enrol in the app, the number you will need to get health insurance and the number that will identify you as a person in this country.

Health Insurance

The health care system in the Netherlands is private, which means the Government doesn’t take care of it but you are obligated to have one if you are working in the Netherlands or you are a resident for over 6 months. In any case, if you work for UberEATS, it is important to have it.

  • If you belong to the EU, you still need private health insurance.
  • If you have private health insurance in your country, you also need it.
  • Here you have some extra information about the companies you can contact to get the insurance, the prices, how much this insurance will cover, etc. It is as easy as doing it online once you got your BSN number.


If your earnings are not too high, you are a student, you work parttime, you just start working or you just don’t earn enough, the Government helps everybody paying for their health insurance if they meet the requirements.

If you want to know more about it read here. This is the direct link to ask for the zorgtoeslag in order to get help paying for the COMPULSORY health insurance.

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