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How To Visit Amsterdam On A Budget?

by Rafal Sulowski

Amsterdam is an expensive city and if you want to spend a lot you can easily do this. On the other hand, you can plan your visit to Amsterdam wisely and save a lot of money. I write this article because I found a lot of guides which don’t really give you specific tips and tricks on how to save money while in Amsterdam. There is a lot of general advice on the internet, but that’s not what most people are looking for. In this complete guide, I offer you very specific information that will allow you to plan your Amsterdam holiday on a budget.

You need €40-€80 a day to visit Amsterdam on a budget. Accommodation can cost as little as €10 if you sleep on a campsite, € 12-14 if you stay in a hostel and hotel rooms start from €40. Couchsurfers can survive even on 20 Euros per day.

Above prices are the cheapest you can find. Keep in mind that in high season prices may be much higher. Especially when big events take place, prices can go up even 2-3 times. Amsterdam is very pricey and to visit this beautiful city on a budget it’s a challenge. I am living in Amsterdam so I will give you some tips and tricks on how to save some money. In this article, you will learn about free things to do in Amsterdam, some budget places to stay in. I will also share with you my favorite affordable restaurants.

How To Visit Amsterdam On A Budget?

Your biggest expense is accommodation, so choose something affordable. At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of budget hotels and hostels that I recommend. I would say that up to 100 euros a day it’s budget in Amsterdam.

There are people who can survive in Amsterdam for as little as 20 Euros a day. These are people who go for hospitality exchange such as Couchsurfing, they cook their own food and don’t do too much touring.
Another group of people can visit Amsterdam for 50-60 Euros a day. They stay in hostels, eat out, party and see a lot of museums.
The next budget range is about 100 Euros. Yes, I think it’s still budget because the prices of hotels in Amsterdam are insane. The difference between this budget and 50 Euros budget is that you stay in a higher quality hotel or Airbnb. Accommodation is the biggest expense in Amsterdam.

Where To Eat On A Budget

You can get some cheap food in Maoz(cheap vegetarian restaurant) Febo(cheap burgers, fries, and hotdogs). There is also HEMA or Ikea, where you can eat affordable meals. You don’t have to eat always in restaurants. The most affordable way to eat when you travel is to prepare food on your own. Bring some silverware with you and make sandwiches and buy a salad. The cheapest supermarkets in the Netherlands are Lidl and Aldi. Then there are Vomar and Jumbo and among the most expensive Albert Heijn and Deka Markt. I often buy in markets because they have also very good prices, but not everywhere.

When To Visit Amsterdam On Budget?

Prices of accommodation in Amsterdam vary a lot. The high season start in May and ends in September. In this period of time prices are very high. Then tend to fall during wintertime, but keep in mind that they skyrocket during Christmas and new years eve.

The best time to visit Amsterdam on a budget is October and November. Prices of accommodation are the lowest and often the weather is still very good.

There are many events and big conferences happening in Amsterdam. During this time prices can be even 3 times higher than normal. In the time of big events, it’s possible that almost all hotels in Amsterdam are fully booked.

Museumkaart vs IAmsterdam Card vs Holland Pass 

There are many different discount cards in Amsterdam. The most popular ones are Museumkaart, IAmsterdam Card and Holland Pass. There are all worth buying but each of them is suitable for someone else. For example, Museumkaart is a great choice if you stay in Amsterdam for a longer time. To save you a headache I can tell you straight away that the best city card for a tourist is I Amsterdam Card.

But before you get I Amsterdam Card, you should do some calculations. Maybe it’s better to get a public transport day pass and buy museum tickets for a specific museum. 3-day public transport ticket cost 19 Euro. You can get it here. Ticket to Rijksmuseum cost 21 Euro. You can buy it here. Search for other tickets here -> LINK

I Amsterdam City Card

What is I Amsterdam City Card? It’s an official Amsterdam card which gives you access to many different attractions in Amsterdam. Is it worth it? If you want to make the most out of your tour to Amsterdam it’s definitely worth it. 5 day I Amsterdam card cost 115Euros but you can actually spend this amount in one day by visiting museums, using public transport and going for example on a canal cruise.

I Amsterdam City Card includes:

  • Public Transport in Amsterdam – bus, tram, and metro
  • Free canal cruise
  • Entrance to the most museums in Amsterdam and other attractions
  • Ticket to Zaanse Schans and free ferry from Volendam to Marken
  • Free entrance to museums in Muiden, Naarden and Laren
  • Ferry to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam
  • Many more

You can get I Amsterdam card here -> Link. The biggest benefits of this card are free transportation and entrances to major museums in the city. I can definitely recommend it. You’ll also get discounts to restaurants and cafes, for renting a bike. It works also in other towns such as Haarlem, Zaanse Schans, Volendam and more.

Free Walking Tour

Free walking tours get lately more and more popular. This sightseeing concept spread around the world in the last decade. Are you familiar with the concept of a free walking tour? FWT tour is a donation-based tour. Basically, you take a part in it for free but in the end, you are asked for some donations. I like this form of a tour because you know what you pay for. In fact, you don’t have to pay. You donate only if you enjoy this experience. I can already tell you that you will enjoy. Free Walking Tour guides do their best because they know that they work for their salary. Based on their performance they are tipped. The naming of these tours can be confusing but as they get popular people to know what they are about. If you wonder how much you should tip, here you can find a video that I posted on my youtube channel. I answer there a question: “How Much To Tip A Free Walking Tour?”

Money-Saving Amsterdam Tips & Tricks

Most of the people save money all year long to go for one trip. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Traveling doesn’t have to be that expensive and because of that, I write this guide. I would like to show you how you can save money while visiting Amsterdam. Of course, Amsterdam is pricey, very pricey. I live in Amsterdam and I know tips and tricks that will allow you to visit this city on a budget.

1. Drink in Hostels

Here you can find a list of my favorite cheap hostels in Amsterdam –> LINK. Hostels serve the most affordable drinks and beer and in most cases, there are other travelers chilling around. Many hostels are a hybrid of a bar and a hostel.

2. Save Money on Transportation

You’ll have to spend some money on transportation if you want to enjoy traveling. If you like walking it’s fine but you can’t visit too many places just walking around. I would suggest you buy a public transport day ticket. It cost only 8 euro and for 24 hours you can use any mean of public transport in Amsterdam. Here you can get it. Another solution is to rent a bike and you can rent a bike for the whole day for as little as 9 euros. The cheapest place to rent a bike in Amsterdam is DiscountBikeRental

3. Cook

If you are a couchsurfer you know that the best way to save some money on food is to cook your own food. Most hostels or campsites also have some sort of kitchen. If the kitchen isn’t available you can take silverware with you and prepare sandwiches. When in traveling mode your stomach will understand, don’t worry. You can also make a salad.

4. Work and Get a Free Bed

When I was working in one of the hostels in Amsterdam there was an Italian guy who earned his bed by working for this hostel. He was sleeping in the hostel for free but the deal was that he must work there. It’s a great deal especially because you can get to know interesting people.

5. Couchsurfing

I don’t know if you are familiar with couchsurfing idea but you should. It’s a cool way to save some money and get to know interesting people. The concept is to rent your couch to other travelers, so you can also sleep in someone’s place. I would suggest visiting only people who have good reviews.

6. Walk

I told you before to rent a bike or buy a public transport day ticket. That’s what I would do, but I have to tell you something. Amsterdam isn’t a big city if you compare it for example to London. Within half an hour you can get to most of the places in the City center, so if you really want to save some money that’s a way to go.

Prices in Amsterdam

To give you a general overview of prices in Amsterdam I put together a list with some average prices of common goods.

Meal in an inexpensive restaurant15.00 €
McMeal at McDonald’s 8.00 €
Beer in Supermarket 0,51.20 €
Groceries for the week 55 €
Fast Foods 5 -15 €
Public transportation day pass: 7.50 €
Beer in a pub2.5 – 5 €
Museum Tickets10 – 25 €

Parking in Amsterdam is Super Expensive

If you would like to visit Amsterdam with your car this can be quite challenging. Parking fees in the city center of Amsterdam go up to 7,5 Euro per hour. But don’t worry, there are some ways to park your car in Amsterdam on a budget. If you come here only for 1 day I would go for P+R parking. There are few of them along the ring of Amsterdam. You can park there for 1 euro per day and get to the city center by tram in less than 20 minutes. P+R system can be a little confusing. That’s why I recorded this video explaining how it works. Here you can watch a P+R tutorial on my channel.

How Does P+R Amsterdam Work

For those who travel to Amsterdam for a few days, there is a better option. I would recommend you to rent a hotel with a free parking space. There are only a few of them in Amsterdam and I put them together in this article.

Free Things To Do In Amsterdam


It’s one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam. Mezrab is a house of storytelling and stand-up. Entrance is most of the time free, donation based. There are only a few events when they charge for an entrance and it cost as little as 5 euros.
mezrab.nl Here you can find a current agenda.

Photo Courtesy of Mezrab || Facebook Profile

2. Walk Along Canals

Amsterdam is called the “Venice of the North”. Nothing surprising as there are even more bridges and canals than in Venice. In Amsterdam, there are 1281 bridges and over 100 km of canals. If you want to see the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam you should go to the Jordaan area and follow the Canal Belt. The most beautiful canals in Amsterdam are Prinsengracht, Singel, Herengracht, and Keizersgracht.

3. Visit Parks

There are many cool parks in Amsterdam. Among them, there is a famous Vondelpark, which is a green heart of Amsterdam. I advise you to visit this spot when coming to Amsterdam in summer. There are a lot of people doing cool things. You’ll see a lot of people jogging, cycling, skating, lying on the grass, playing football. You can also get some food there. If you visit Amsterdam with kids you should go to Amstelpark. There are a zoo and playground for kids. If you have a dog there the best choice for you is the Sarphati park. There is a little pond in the middle of the park, bikes aren’t allowed, and it’s in general dog-friendly. You’ll meet there other dog owners.

Photo by Srdjan Stojiljkovic || Flickr

4. Free Walking Tour

I love the idea of free walking tours. You may wonder why are they free. So to make it clear, they are donation based. If you enjoy a tour you can donate a 5 or 10 euros at the end. I like these tours because they aren’t prepaid and tour guide do their best. They take place daily at 10:00, 13:30 and 16:00. The meeting point is next to the national monument. You can find more information on this site –> Freewalkingtours

5. Meetup

Meetup offers some cool events. There is something cool happening daily in Amsterdam. I like Friday drinks in Bar Jones. It’s a meeting for travelers and locals. In general, you can meet people from all over the world and it’s fun. On some meetups, there are way too many people. I like this one because it feels cozy, relaxed. Bar Jones is a little bar. I’ve been there a few times and I always enjoyed it.

6. Free Ferry To Amsterdam Noord

That’s actually fun. There is a ferry on the backside of the Centraal Station and it brings you to Amsterdam Noord for free. A ride itself is fun. Amsterdam Noord is also a cool, industrial, hippie area.

Photo by Ed Webster || Flickr

7. Visit Goat Farm

In the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) there is a goat farm. It’s a cool spot with goats, cows, and chickens. You can feed goats and then walk around in Amsterdam forest. It’s one of the spots I really like. There is also an eco restaurant, where you can get dinner. You can also buy eggs, goat milk, and goat cheese.

Photo by PabloEvans || Flickr

8. Floating Flower Market

This is one and only floating flower market in the world. If you want to see tulips in Amsterdam read this article. This spot is close to Rembrandtplein and Dam Square. It’s cool, but nothing extraordinary. If you visit Amsterdam only for one day, do something else.

9. Free Concert in Het Concertgebouw

Every Wednesday at 12:30 a free concert takes places at Concertgebouw. You can learn more on this website –> Link
Tickets are available from 11:30 and because there is a high interest in this event, you want to come even a little bit earlier to make sure that you’ll get tickets.

10. Narrowest House in Amsterdam

Houses in Amsterdam used to be taxed by the width of the front elevation. Because of that, there are some very narrow houses, they can be only 2 meters wide. If you want to see the narrowest houses in Amsterdam they are situated here:

Singel 7
Oude Hoogstraat 22
Kloveniersburgwal 26

Singel 7 || Photo courtesy of Kees Stoof|| Flickr

11. Visit Hofjes

There are many beautiful Hofjes(medieval courtyards surrounded by houses) in Amsterdam. They are often hidden and not visible from the street. Hofjes are the part of Dutch cities since the middle age. They used to be houses for elderly people as a form of social security.

Things To Do in Amsterdam On The Budget

1.Rent a bike

This is a cool budget thing to do. You can rent a bike for as little as 9 euros a day. This is the price for the basic bike in rental companies such as a yellow bike or mac bike. I always recommend renting a bike because you can see much more, but on the other hand, if you are not really sure about your cycling skills then don’t do this. Riding a bike in the city center is wild west and if you have no idea about traffic rules you should be cycling in the center of Amsterdam. Keep in mind that most of the people treat a bike as a mean of transportation and they cycle fast.

Bike theft is the most common crime in Amsterdam. It’s important to always lock your bike properly. Dutch bikes have two locks. It’s chain locks and back wheel lock. Always lock both of them.

2. Visit Ijhallen

That’s the biggest flea market in Europe. You can find there many cool things for a little price. For entrace, you have to pay 5 euros and for children 2 euros. It’s definitely worth it and it takes place once a month. You can check agenda of upcoming events here –> Ijhallen website. There are 750 stands and anyone can rent a stand and sell their things. That’s why you can find there so many cool stuff.

Photo Courtesy of Nichon Glerum || Facebook Profile

3. Friday Night Skate

Another cool thing to do in Amsterdam is Friday Night Skate. I put it in a budget section because you have to rent skates. Skating event itself is for free. Below you can watch a video from one of Friday Night Skates I took a part in. The meeting point is in Amsterdam at 20:00 every Friday. Feel free to join.


4.Visit Coffeeshops

Coffeeshop culture in Amsterdam is very interesting. Some of them are extraordinary. If you would like to learn more about coffee shops and Red Light District you should go for an alternative free walking tour. During the tour, Otto will tell you some interesting facts about the Red Light District and weed. Here you can learn more about these tours – Link.

Where To Stay in Amsterdam On The Budget?

When it comes to budget accommodation in Amsterdam, you can find something in 10 – 75 euro range. Beds in hostels start from €10 in a shared dorm. But the price depends on the location and in the city center, you’ll pay more. Most hostels offer free breakfast and coffee. Airbnb rooms cost € 70-80. For a double hotel room, you’ll pay at least €65. That are 2-3 stars hotels and you should expect that room will be pretty small. Rooms in Amsterdam are small in general. Prices in the city center are much higher. During the high season and events taking place in Amsterdam, you can see even triple raise in prices. For example, during the Dance event or some conferences in RAI, you won’t find a room in Amsterdam, even though prices skyrocket. That’s why the best way to visit Amsterdam on a budget is to come in offseason.

Home Stay or Hospitality Exchange

There are some websites which let you find locals offering their house space to other fellow travelers. That kind of accommodation can tremendously lower your traveling costs. Especially in expesive destinations such as Amsterdam this is a great opportunity. It’s also a chance to meet interesting people, that often give you some insights about the city. The most popular hospitality exchange website is couchsurfing.com but there are more sites like this. I can recommend a few of them:

Cheap Hotels In Amsterdam

New West Inn Amsterdam

Photo Courtesy of New West Inn Amsterdam

???? Prices start at €49 per bed.
???? Reimerswaalstraat 5, 1069 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 410 8000
This hotel is located 15 minutes away from the city center. You have to get to the city center by bus. This is the most affordable hotel I have found but you must add a price of the tram ticket to the center. You can also rent a bike and in 25 minutes you’ll get to the Leidseplein. New West Inn is located in Amsterdam West, it’s a peaceful area and you can find large shopping centers nearby. The tram stop is just in front of the hotel. Rooms are comfortable and there is a free gym. Some rooms may have shared bathrooms.

Best Western Amsterdam

Photo Courtesy of Best Western Amsterdam

???? Prices start at €51 per bed.
????Voorburgstraat 250, 1059 VD Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 273 3568
Best Western Amsterdam is 3 km from the city center. You’ll need 20 minutes to get to the city center by bike. I like this hotel because it’s smoking-free. It’s also modern and clean. The front desk is friendly, helpful and you can get public transport tickets at good prices. Tram stop is only a few steps from the hotel. If you book a room here you should definitely get a breakfast. They serve a good breakfast and great coffee.

Budget Hotel Tourist Inn

Photo Courtesy of Budget Hotel Tourist Inn

???? Prices start at €40 per bed.
???? Spuistraat 52, 1012 TV Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 421 5841
This hotel is modern, clean and it’s located in the city center. This is one of the best choices when you consider low price and high-quality service. Budget Hotel Tourist Inn is located next to the Centraal Station and just a few minutes from the Red Light District. If you plan to visit Anne Frank House it’s 5 minutes away from this historic attraction. Rooms have airconditioning. Breakfast is very good and there is a lot to choose from. This hotel is a great value for the money. Staff is friendly and helpful. I recommend this hotel.

XO Hotels Blue Square

Photo courtesy of XO Hotels Blue Square

???? Prices start at €45 per bed.
????Voorburgstraat 250, 1059 VD Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 273 3568
Rooms are modern, clean and comfortable. Each room is airconditioned and keep in mind that when you visit in Amsterdam in the summertime you should check this in advance. Many hotels do not have airconditioned rooms. They serve good international breakfast and great coffee. Hotel is 30 minutes from Schiphol airport. There is lighting fast WiFi, private parking and they offer room service. You’ll find a coffee machine in the room and this is what makes me smile 🙂

Rembrandt Square Hotel

Photo Courtesy of Rembrandt Square Hotel

???? Prices start at €59 per bed.
????Voorburgstraat 250, 1059 VD Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 273 3568
This is a pick for people who want to party. It’s located on Rembrandtplein, just next to the parties, bars, and coffeeshops. They offer a very good, fresh breakfast. It’s a few steps from the floating flower market. It’s a noisy area but if you plan to party it’s your best choice. The hotel provides earplugs. You can count on kind and helpful receptionist. It can smell like weed in the room because at the bottom of the hotel there is a coffeeshop.

Budget Hotel Hortus

Photo Courtesy of Budget Hotel Hortus

???? Prices start at €60 per bed.
????Voorburgstraat 250, 1059 VD Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 273 3568
The price is perfect for what you get. Staff is kind and helpful. Breakfast is good. Rooms are clean and the bed is comfortable. If you fly in the evening they will let you leave your luggage in the hotel, so you can still enjoy your last day in Amsterdam. They have free WiFi and 24 hours front desk. There is a designated smoking area. Budget Hotel Hortus is located just next to the Hortus Botanicus and ARTIS Zoo.

Cheap Hostels In Amsterdam

St. Christopher’s at The Winston

Photo Courtesy of St Christophers Inn at The Winston

???? Prices start at €25 per bed.
????Warmoesstraat 129, 1012 JA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 623 1380
This is one of my favorite hostels in Amsterdam. Location is excellent, just next to Dam Square, in the heart of Amsterdam. They serve a very good breakfast and you can count on helpful staff. Beds are comfortable and rooms are clean. There is a nice terrace, it’s even a cool place to go if you don’t stay there. There are a restaurant and bar. When it comes to price, it’s very competitive when you consider the location. It’s one of the best spots to stay in the city center and they have 24 hours

The Flying Pig Hostels

Photo Courtesy of Flying Pig

???? Prices start at € 39 per bed.
????Vossiusstraat 46/47, 1071 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 400 4187
Flying Pig is my favorite hostel in Amsterdam. They own two locations and both of them are cool. They offer free breakfast and lightning-fast WiFi. This hostel is popular among travelers who like a weed. If you like parties this is a place to be in Amsterdam. In the evening Flying Pig is full of chilled people willing to get to know each other. They have a fully equipped kitchen, so you can easily prepare some food and keep your travel on a budget.

StayOkay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Photo Courtesy of Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

???? Prices start at €20 per bed.
????Zandpad 5, 1054 GA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 589 8996
StayOkay is a cool hostel situated in the Vondelpark, just next to the Leidseplein. This location is excellent. You are close to many cool spots in Amsterdam. Rooms are cozy and clean. I like its design, it creates an amazing atmosphere. Staff is helpful and knowledgable. There are a restaurant and bar, they serve great breakfast and good coffee. Hostel offer lockers and you need 20 cents to use it. This hostel is close to museums, shopping street, and West part of the city. It’s one of my favorite parts of Amsterdam.


???? Prices start at €34 per bed.
????Valkenburgerstraat 124, 1011 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 770 9529
The atmosphere in Ecomama is exceptional. You can count on very friendly, helpful staff. Rooms are comfy and clean. Beds are fine. Even though this hostel is situated in the city center, it’s quiet. I really like the style of Ecomama, it creates a cozy atmosphere. In places like this, you can find open, like-minded, passionate people who enjoy their life. Definitely worth visiting.

Via Amsterdam

Photo Courtesy of Via Amsterdam

???? Prices start at €18 per bed.
????Valkenburgerstraat 124, 1011 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 770 9529
Via Amsterdam offers affordable rooms. It’s clean and comfortable.
They serve a great breakfast and there is plenty to choose from. It’s quite a popular location, 10 minutes away from Metro station. During the night you can get there by night bus from Dam Square. For a price, you pay it is a great place.


Campsites are a good solution because they are comfortable and affordable. There are toilets, showers and often little shops with food. In the Netherlands, there are many campsites.

????️ Het Amsterdamse Bos

Campsite close to the Amsterdam that I can recommend you is Camping Het Amsterdamse Bos. It’s the clostest camping to Amsterdam city center and prices start from ????16,60 euro per night.

????️ Campspace

This website is just like Airbnb of campsites. You can find there private people offering a piece of their land where you can put your tent. Prices start from 10 euros per night

Can I Sleep In a Tent?

You can sleep in your tent on the campsites. Sleeping in a tent in public it’s illegal. That’s the general rule so you can’t put your rent anywhere you want. But there are few spots where you can put your tent and you can find these locations on the website below. This is free and legal.
Wildcamping Locations

You are also allowed to sleep in your tent if you have a Dutch Fishing Card.

Photo Courtesy of Kitty Terwolbeck || Flickr

Do It Like A Real Traveller

Another way to find a location where you can sleep in your tent is just to ask a farmer or someone who has a garden. There are many of them around Amsterdam. If you go out of the city, for example in the direction of Haarlem you can find many of them. The best would be to look for locations like this in small villages such as Vijfhuizen, Uithoorn.

Sleep In Woods

You can just sleep somewhere in the woods. It’s illegal, but… Keep in mind a few important things if you decide to do this.
1. Find some green locations upfront, so you know in advance where you’ll sleep.
2. Go there just before sunset, so no one sees you.
3. Do not make a campfire. You don’t want any problems.
4. Keep it tidy and clean. Do not leave any human traces behind.

The disadvantage of sleeping in the woods is that you can get a fine.

Is It Legal To Sleep In My Car?

If you go to the campsite you can sleep there in your car, because this is private property. But be aware that campsite can have their own rules which don’t allow people sleeping in the car. Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to sleep in a car in public.

I wouldn’t say that you’ll get a fine while sleeping on the highway rest stops. It’s because when you get tired and you take a short nap it’s for the safety reasons. But if they see you the next day on the same parking lot you may have problems.

Amsterdam On Budget For Vegetarians

Vegetarianism and Veganism get more and more popular nowadays. I am happy to tell you that if you are a greens lover Amsterdam is an amazing destination for you. There are plenty of spots where you can get some affordable vegan or vegetarian dishes. Here you can read my another article about cheap vegan restaurants in Amsterdam – link. If you don’t want to read a full article I can recommend you especially two spots – Mr. Stacks and Vegan Junk Food Bar.

How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets to Amsterdam?

  1. Search for tickets in incognito mode. Be aware that airline websites save your cookies and they increase the price for repeated searches. Try to search for the same flight from another PC with another IP address or ask someone from abroad to check the price on their end.
  2. I use Google Flights to compare flight prices and possible routes and then I search for the particular flight on the airline website. Then compare prices on Skyscanner. It seems to have the lowest prices on the web.
  3. Compare prices on other dates. Sometimes 1 day earlier or later makes a big difference in price. If you don’t mind that little difference in dates that is a great way to find cheap tickets.
  4. Choose budget airlines.
  5. Check prices in other currencies. I often fly from Amsterdam to Poland and sometimes prices in a Polish search engine are lower than Dutch ones.
  6. Cheap Airlines flying to Amsterdam are EasyJet, Wizzair and Ryanair. The best airport for budget flight to the Netherlands is the airport in Eindhoven. It’s 1,5 hour away from Amsterdam, and if you want to get to Amsterdam with public transport it costs 25 Euros.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t take a taxi from the airport to the city center.
    Price of this trip is about 50 euros, while the price of the train ticket is 5 euro. Some hotels offer a free shuttle. If you really want to get to your hotel by car, it’s better to order Uber.
  2. Eat in TakeAway places.
    There are many little shops with a great food. They are very little and there is no place to sit but you can take away a warm food. Look for Surinamese and Indonesian spots. They have great food.
  3. Don’t buy water!
    In the whole Netherlands, you can drink tap water. It’s very clean and safe. In bars, you can just ask for a glass of water and they will give you a glass of tap water for free. In fact, according to Dutch law, they must give you a free glass of water when you ask for it.
  4. Always have some cash with you.
    Little vendors often don’t offer a card payment. Only Cash!
  5. Join Amsterdam Hangout Facebook group
    This is a group where you can ask people from Amsterdam about things happening in the city. You can also ask others to go out together. LINK
  6. See a Canal Belt
    Canal belt is one of the most beautiful free attractions in Amsterdam. It’s a part of UNESCO Heritage. I would advise you also to visit Jordaan district.

My Advice

I think that the worst thing you can do is to rush your stay in Amsterdam. From my experience, it’s great to have a plan for what to do. I mean to plan multiple different things and depending on your mood choose one of the planned activities. But don’t rush anything, enjoy tour holiday slowly. Amsterdam is such a beautiful place and you don’t really have to plan anything extraordinary, just walk along Canal Belt or Jordaan district, grab a cup of coffee or go for a free walking tour. You’ll be more happy with this then running from one museum to another all day long.


Amsterdam is a very expensive travel destination, that’s for sure. But, with a little effort, you can explore the capital of the Netherlands on a budget. I hope that the information that I put together in this guide is helpful for you. If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below the article.

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