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A Guide To Cheap Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

by Rafal Sulowski

Veganism has recently become extremely trendy in Amsterdam. Most of my vegan friends often wonder what the tastiest vegan hotspots in the city at the moment are. Unfortunately, vegan restaurants are usually quite expensive which make them less affordable for an average person. The truth is, eating vegan does not have to ruin your wallet, if you have some tips on the cheap vegan spots in the city. There are many vegan spots famous for its affordable prices. I am introducing the lucky 13 – you do not have to get lucky to eat cheap in these hotspots. Each of them may become your favorite one in minutes!

  1. Loving Hut
  2. Instock
  3. Vegan Junkfood Bar
  4. Vegabond
  5. Spirit
  6. Las Vegan Amsterdam
  7. Stacks
  8. Meatless District
  9. Maoz
  10. Delicious Deshima
  11. De Peper at OT301
  12. MKZ
  13. Mezebar Modrum

Loving Hut

Photo by Loving Hut Amsterdam || Facebook Profile

Loving Hut is part of the international chain of vegan restaurants. It is mostly an Asian-style spot but you will also find some Dutch classics on the menu (like bread roll with croquette). It is located in Amsterdam Old West which might be a minus for some. However, you can easily get there by public transport. The menu is simple and uncomplicated but at the same time the variety of dishes is impressive. Loving Hut is a very nice place to have a vegan meal, unlike most of Amsterdam’s vegan restaurants it isn’t hipster at all.

Prices are more than reasonable (up to 10 Euro for main courses) and the atmosphere is very homey. If you are a fan of Asian food, you should definitely try noodles with vegan mock meats and veggie burgers. If you feel like a sweet (and healthy at the same time) dessert, I truly recommend chocolate mousse or the tiramisu. In addition to the menu, there are also some special dishes to try – I was lucky to have some excellent spinach-potatoes pastry. The only disadvantage is that the portions are quite small.


Photo by Instock || Facebook Profile

Have you ever heard of concept restaurants? If not, this is a great chance to see for yourself how it looks like. Instock, previously located at the Westerpark, now in Oost, works closely with Albert Heijn (one of the most popular Dutch supermarkets) to recycle food waste. In my opinion, this the most innovative (and cozy at the same time) restaurant on the east side. The menu is not 100% vegan, but most of the meals are at least vegetarian. Instock serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, all at extremely affordable prices.

All dishes are made from food that would otherwise be thrown away by groceries (like Albert Heijn). I think this is a great initiative! Instock is part of a chain of restaurants that is tackling food waste head-on. In addition to Amsterdam spots, there are also restaurants in Utrecht and The Hague. What I really appreciate at Instock is creativity. The Instock’s menu changes daily, depending on what is currently available. Besides dining, Instock service also includes special events highlighting creative food concepts.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Photo by Vegan Junk Food Bar || Facebook Profile

A while ago, Vegan Junkfood Bar has become a real Instagram sensation. It is one of the first fully vegan spots where you can only get snacks. Currently, there are two locations: in De Pijp and at the Overtoom. In short, the menu is full of dishes that are typically meaty. On the menu, you will find vegan burgers, bitterballs, shawarma, the Cesar salad with some meat substitutes, vegan mayonnaise etc. Everything is tasty and looks just mouth-wateringly. One might say that this is a new version of the junkfood you have known so far.

The prices are affordable, assuming that portions are huge. Technically, the prices are not very low but when you compare portions with other vegan restaurants, the difference is relevant. Vegan Junkfood Bar also serves alcohol – among the others you can get specialty beers and cocktails there. Both locations are usually quite busy so do not forget to book a table in advance. Oh, and there will be one more location soon!


Photo By Vegabond || Facebook Profile

Probably the tastiest vegan sandwiches and cupcakes in the city. The spot is located at Leliegracht, on one of the most beautiful little canals here. For most Amsterdam’s vegans it is like a vegan paradise. The menu includes vegan burgers, sandwiches, loaded fries, vegan nuggets and many others. On top of vegan dishes to be eaten there, there is a take-away option. Prices are very affordable, and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. Besides, you will love the graffiti décor. Do not forget to take a homemade hummus wrap, a soy cheez or some superfoods for your way back home!

Vegabond is also a grocery shop with loads of products. Besides candy bars, vegan mayonnaise, granola, quinoa, seitan and sausages you can buy some cookbooks there. What is more, after you have a nice breakfast or lunch and do some shopping, you can go a few doors down and check out a great shop – the Otherist where you will find amazing homemade artworks and jewellery.


Photo by Spirit Restaurant || Facebook Profile

Spirit is one of the newest organic restaurants in the city. It is located at Czaar Peterstraat (very close to the iconic windmill of Brouwerij’t IJ) and it offers a whole lot of vegan food at very reasonable prices. There is a nice buffet where you can literally eat for hours. You just pay by weight and it has never happened to me not to fill up my plate. All the dishes are organic and homemade. No chemicals added! There are around fifty dishes to choose from. The selection is quite diverse, however, I like a modern twist in each meal. Among the others, you will find bulgur with pumpkin, split pea soup, Indian dahl and spring rolls. You can mix flavours on your plate if you want. Most dishes are vegan and this is clearly indicated on the menu next to the dishes. The selection depends on the season, so it changes very often. On the menu, they also have vegan wine and vegan beer. How cool is that?

Las Vegan Amsterdam

Photo by Las Vegan || Facebook Profile

The first delivery only vegan restaurant in the whole world. And one of my favourite vegan spots in Amsterdam at the same time. All dished in the Las Vegan’s menu are meatless and most of them are 100% plant-based. The restaurant is famous for its vegan meatballs, burgers and hot dogs in particular. Most of meat-like dished include seitan which is the main ingredient in the Las Vegan’s kitchen. Seitan is protein-loaded and at the same time it is more environmentally-friendly than soya (not to mention meat of course).

Besides meat-like dishes on the menu you will find pita, fries and taco. There are also more exotic flavours like kimchi or guacamole. The Las Vegan service is available all week until night. A very cool thing is that the service is 100% online – all you need to do is select your dishes and click to confirm the order. The restaurant is very cheap – you can get full for as little as 8 euro. And the portions are sufficient, even if you are very hungry.

Mr. Stacks

Photo by Mr.Stacks || Facebook Profile

Are you a lover of pancakes? Here is your must-go – Mr. Stacks. They say a city can never get enough of some things in life and I think you can never get enough pancakes at Mr. Stacks! The restaurant is located in the heart of the Pijp area so you can easily step in for a quick lunch while shopping or sightseeing. On the menu, you will find pancakes of course, as well as all sort of teas. Most of the pancakes are vegan. To me, stacks of pancakes and liters of bubble tea (a sweet kind of tea with milk with some tapioca mini balls at the bottom) sound like heaven so I truly recommend this spot.

My favorite sweet option is the Cinnamon Rollercoaster Stack (with pecan nuts, blueberries and vegan cream cheese glaze). If you want to go a bit savorier, try the Salmon Atlantic Stack – it is served with smoked salmon, dill crème and guacamole. Prices are reasonable assuming the fact that each meal looks like artwork on a plate. What is amazing, the Mr. Stack team traveled to Taiwan just to buy a specific machine and learn the ins and outs of bubble tea!

Meatless District

Photo By Meatless District || Facebook Profile

Meatless District is located at Bilderdijkstraat. The restaurant is huge so there is a big chance you will not have to wait for a table very long. MD is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. I love the interior design – it is ironically inspired by the Meatpacking District in New York. The spot, partially realised by crowdfunding, is a great place for a nice dinner, as well as a couple of rounds at night. During the weekend Meatless District also serves breakfast – yogurt with fruit and seeds, pancakes with maple syrup etc.

The menu at Meatless District is quite small – there are only four main courses in the evening. My absolute number 1 at Meatless District is the very famous MD burger served with grilled eggplant, tomato, red onion, cucumber and lettuce, with some mayonnaise and farmer fries. It tastes just amazing especially while sipping some vegan wine. Those who are less hungry will be satisfied with gluten-free buns or some sweet potato fries. If you need some sugar, you will not be disappointed – some MD’s desserts are made by another vegan spot – Dophert.


Photo by Maoz || Facebook Profile

Maoz may be one of the most recognizable vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. It is actually part of a chain of restaurants – it has five locations in Amsterdam (Muntplein, Leidsestraat, Damrak, Van Woustraat and Ferdinand Bolstraat). Actually, a new one will be open very soon. To be clear, Maoz is not 100% vegan but it is absolutely vegetarian.

The food here is decent and nutritious which actually comes together with the fact it is delicious. Maoz restaurants are very affordable. For some of the main courses you will easily pay less than 10 Euro. In the menu you just cannot miss out on falafels, there are also delicious sandwiches. I also like the all-you-can-eat option at the bar. It includes salads and sauces. Enjoy!

Delicious Deshima

Photo by Delicious Deshima || Facebook Profile

One of the best macrobiotic vegan spots in Amsterdam. It is part of the Kushi Institute – the founders of the first macrobiotic center in Europe. Japanese macrobiotic food might not be the most flavourful in general but the Delicious Deshima team know what they are doing! On the menu, you will find grains, soups, vegetable dishes, salads, pastries, tempura, pickles and dressings. There are not many dishes to choose but to be honest, every vegan will find something for them. Big plus for preparing dishes quickly!

Delicious Deshima is not the cheapest option, that’s true, but the food is really worth its price and portions are quite big. I especially recommend grains with vegetables and salads (the pickled one with seaweed is delicious). You should also try the tofu wrap and miso. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a natural organic food store downstairs. What is more, Delicious Deshima is one of the best vegan spots when it comes to cooking classes and workshops.

De Peper at OT301

Photo Courtesy of De Peper || Facebook Profile

De Peper is a vegetarian restaurant created at OT301 – a former squat for artists. De Peper is open on Tuesdays and then between Thursday and Sunday. What I really like about this place is that it looks extremely unpretentiously. It is like a very creative space with vegetarian dining. It used to be an alternative art scene for young emerging artists and still many workshops, exhibits and film & music events take place there. In order to go inside, you have to go through the enormous door in the street, then cross the garden area, and enter the building. The spot is usually quite crowded so make sure you book a table upfront!

De Peper is 0% commercial and 100% vegan-friendly. And it is very cheap – sometimes, on one of the days when volunteers cook, you can pay as little as 5 Euro for a 3-course dinner. Besides main courses, on the menu you will also find beer and desserts. On top of the creative space and a vegan kitchen OT301 also runs a small bookshop and hires out studio space to artists.


Photo by MKZ || Website

Another cool initiative that combines some good vegan cuisine and social aims. MKZ is a collective run restaurant. All benefits go to social or grassroots causes. To me, visiting MKZ is like going out for a lunch or dinner in your own living room. The spot is spacious and very lively. Every day there is a different crew of volunteers operating the kitchen. Reservation is required as the restaurant is open for dinner only. Menu, just as the crew, changes daily and is fixed. A team of volunteers prepares a 3-course menu than consists of soup/starter, main and dessert. It is always a surprise what is for dinner but all of dishes are 100% vegan.

MKZ is one of the cheapest vegan spots in Amsterdam – it is only 5 Euro for the entire menu. However, you wash your own dishes in return (not every day, just on some days), which is quite fair, isn’t it? Considering your practically eat for free. Assuming the fact that the food is great and the atmosphere is nothing but chilling, you just cannot miss out on this unique experience while in Amsterdam. Even if you are not a vegan. Oh, as MKZ is really cheap, donating more if you can spare is really welcome!

Mezebar Bodrum

Photo Courtesy of Mezebar Bodrum || Facebook Profile

Mezebar Bodrum serves meat but there are also vegan options available. A hidden spot in the middle of Surinamplein, owned and run by the couple – the husband and wife. Hard to find, but it is totally worth visiting. You will find it in a small passage with taking away joints such as Suriname, Italian and Asian food. Mezebar Bodrum is not very popular, maybe because it is so hidden, like a total gem. If you finally find a sign saying ‘vegan pita’, this is it! Time to enjoy a full vegan meze plate!

All meals are homemade and extremely tasty. My favorite main course is sac chicken with sea bass. Besides food, there is also a variety of vegan wines and beers. In my opinion, Mezebar Bodrum’s beers are one of the best in the city. Even if Mezebar Bodrum is not very famous, they have received a Happy Cow recommendation (a very popular platform, especially among vegans and vegetarian around the world). This may be a sign of their quality and a pretty recommendation, too.

The final word

Amsterdam is now considered to be the vegan capital of Europe. There are hundreds of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and you can easily find at least several you can afford on a daily basis. What I especially like is that vegan food is not boring and dull anymore. Even the cheap spots serve creative, tasty food which makes eating vegan simple and fun. I hope my guide has shown you options you haven’t heard of before. Let me know how you like the places I recommended! Or maybe you have your own recommendations to be added to the guide below? I am curious to know.

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