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Where To Eat a Vegan Pizza in Amsterdam?

by Maja Świątnicka

I don’t know many people who are not obsessed with pizza. However, what should you do if you are a vegan? For a long time, it was extremely difficult to find a vegan pizza in the city, Fortunately, it has changed over the last year. More and more vegan restaurants have been opening up in Amsterdam, there are also supermarkets where you can easily buy a frozen vegan pizza. I hope this short guide will help you find your favorite vegan pizza ever.

This is a short list of the best vegan-pizza spots in the city.

  1. Mastino V Pizza
  2. Mediamatic
  3. Pizza Heart Bar
  4. Sugo
  5. Wilde Westen

Mastino V Pizza

Photo courtesy of Mastino V || Facebook Profile

If you are in need of a quick pizza in Amsterdam, Mastino V is your place to visit. It is not a little romantic restaurant, more one in a chain of pizzerias. However, it is just perfect for a quick bite. I especially like their vegan Marinara with anchovies and the one named Vegan Full Moon. They both are extremely tasty and crispy. They will literally take you to Italy. And Mastino’s home-made vegan cheese is just insanely good.

Photo courtesy of Mastino V || Facebook Profile

Until last year some cow mozzarella was served for those who asked for it but not anymore. Mastino V also has many gluten-free options and plenty of toppings. Besides 13 vegan pizzas, they also serve regular, non-vegan pizzas. Prices are quite ok, a big pizza with some soft drinks will cost you around 20 Euro. If you are into pizza, don’t miss out on Mastino V!

Mastino has two locations in the city – Bilderdijkstraat 192 and Eerste van der Helstraat 78 (De Pijp).


Photo courtesy of Mediamatic ETEN || Facebook Profile

A beautiful, awesome place for a perfect vegan date. The atmosphere is just unique, mainly because of the location – the restaurant is in the greenhouse by the water, very close to the public library and central station. Four days a week (Sunday – Wednesday) the restaurant focuses entirely on pizzas, nothing else can be ordered. On the pizza menu, you will find four vegan pizzas and all of them are equally good. All pizzas at Mediamatic are prepared in their wood fired clay oven. The only non-vegan options are fish (occasionally and oysters).

The restaurant is located at Dijksgracht 6. Find more information about Madiamativ on their website – Link Here

Pizza Heart Bar

Photo courtesy of Pizza Heart Bar || Facebook Profile

My favourite Pizza Heart is the one with Bar in the name. It is a nicely decorated restaurant with amazing French doors. Pizza Heart serves amazing Italian dishes in a plant-based version. There are so many vegan options on their menu! My number one is the Colori – with spinach, vegan mozzarella and olives. In general, you will be surprised by a wide range of toppings next to classics. A great thing is that you can look out on a large open kitchen while having your meal. There is a huge pizza oven there and you can see how your pizza is prepared.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Heart Bar || Facebook Profile

There are a few locations of Pizza Heart in the city: Schollenburgstraat 8, Reguliersdwarsstraat 51 and Pampuslaan 34. The one in Amsterdam Oost is considered to be the most vegan. Check their website for more information — Link Here


Photo courtesy of Sugo || Facebook profile

Sugo is a pizzeria offering both meat and vegan pizzas. No need to complain – there are several vegan options on the menu (you should definitely try Funghi and the one with caramelised onion). At Sugo you can order pizza by the slice. How cool is that? This is because their pizza is baked in huge rectangular trays. You can take a look at big rectangles behind the counter and ask for a certain length. What I love about this spot is that their pizza is just like at the best pizza places in Italy. Highly recommended! And prices are just ok – around 3.70 Euro per slice.

Photo courtesy of Sugo || Facebook profile

There are a few locations but my favorite Sugo is located in De Pijp – Ferdinand Bolstraat 107. Here is a link to their website — Link Here

Wilde Westen

Photo courtesy of Wilde Westen || Facebook profile

A super cozy, nice restaurant with a stone pizza oven. Who doesn’t like plain pizza baked in an old-fashion way? Besides regular pizzas, they have many vegan options on their menu (their vegan cheese is more than ok). They also serve many vegan snacks. A big plus is that Wilde Westen is a bit away from the tourist crowds. Make sure you visit the spot on Monday – during ‘cheap Mondays’ Wilde Westen serves pizza for 9 Euro!

Photo courtesy of Wilde Westen || Facebook profile

The restaurant is located at Lommerplantsoen 1. Visit Wilde Westen website for more information and hours — link here

Vegan pizza – delivery service

If you don’t feel like going out, but at the same time you still want to have some restaurant food, there is always a delivery option. Yes, it is also possible if you are a pizza-obsessed vegan! Some take-away restaurants added vegan options last year and currently, you can order a vegan pizza directly to your home at the following restaurants:

Domino’s Pizza

Photo courtesy of Domino’s || Facebook profile

One of the best places when it comes to vegan food delivery. On the Domino’s menu you will find three plant-based pizzas:

  • Spicy Vegan with tomato sauce, spinach, red onion, paprika mix, jalapenos, fresh tomato and vegan cheese;
  • Vegan Margarita with tomato sauce, oregano and vegan cheese;
  • BBQ Vegan with tomato sauce, mushrooms, caramelised onion, fresh tomato, hickory, spring onion and vegan cheese.

What is interesting, Domino’s taken veganism seriously – while creating vegan dishes to be put on their menu, they used the expertise of the Dutch Society for Veganism to ensure their pizzas are 100% vegan. Vegan pizzas at Domino’s are also suitable for those who don’t tolerate lactose.

You can order a pizza on their website — Link Here

New York Pizza

Photo courtest of New York Pizza || Facebook profile

Since last year, at New York pizza, you can order the following plant-based pizzas:

  • Vegan Shawarma Pizza;
  • Vegan Veggie with rocket, vegan cheese, cherry tomatoes.

For those, who don’t tolerate some ingredients, New York Pizza has prepared a complete list of allergens – you can check it while ordering. What I also like is that for each of vegan pizzas at New York Pizza ordered 1 Euro will go to Sea Shepherd.

Visit New York Pizza to check their menu and order pizza — Link Here

Vinnie’s Vegan Pizza

If you want to order some pure, healthy plant-based pizza, Vinnie’s is your place to call. Their pizzas absolutely make you feel at home. First and foremost, Vinnie’s Vegan Pizza is famous for its American-style pizza. This is what their specialise in – a very thin crust and extraordinary taste – these make Vinnie’s vegan pizzas just unique. They pay attention to everything they do; each ingredient is selected carefully. Vinnie’s offer both standard and vegan options but both of them are equally tasty. There are three locations for easier delivery.

Where to buy some ready-to-eat pizza to prepare at home?

If eating out/delivery service is not an option for you today, you can still prepare your own vegan pizza at home. Fortunately, with more people being interested in consuming less animal products, more and more supermarkets not only offer ready-made burgers or curry, but you can easily find some frozen vegan pizza, too. Below you will find a short list of Amsterdam’s supermarkets where you can buy a plant-based version of your favourite dish.


Photo courtesy fo Vegabond || Facebook profile

Vegabond is both a vegan restaurant and a small and cute (well-equipped, though) store for vegans and vegetarians. Located at Leliegracht (in the very center of the city), it sells a famous vegan Daiya pizza in American style, famous for its amazing vegan cheese. And if you feel like a dessert after their pizza, you can always take some vegan brownie home with you. On top of vegan pizza, Vegabond also provides you with helpful and knowledgeable staff. Those kids know what they do and they will be happy to explain to you all vegan options they have there.

Here is a link to Vegabond website — LINK


Photo courtesy of Spar || Facebook Profile

At Spar, you will find the very same pizza as at Vegabond – the famous American Daiya. There are many Spars in the city, one of the best-equipped ones when it comes to vegan food is Spar Science Park in Amsterdam Oost. There are also many vegan options (like vegan teriyaki strips, pizza grated, smoked ham slices, fishless filet, and beefless burger) at Spar City Kinkerstraat.

Visit Spar.nl for locations and hours — Link Here


Photo courtesy of Ekoplaza || Facebook profile

One of the best spots for organic and fresh food. There are many Ekoplaza markets in Amsterdam but I believe this one is just awesome when it comes to vegan options: Weteringschans 133 in the city center. At Ekoplaza you will find the best-frozen pizza in town. Try the one with vegan cheese, pesto, and cherry tomato. It is just mouth-watering. It might be a bit more expensive than a regular frozen pizza, but it is worth its price – the quality makes up for the price.

Visit Ekoplaza website to find out where it the closest shop and for hours — Link Here


Photo courtesy of Jumbo || Facebook profile

A very cheap place to buy some frozen plant-based pizza. For as little as 5 Euro you can buy one of the vegan options. There are many variants available. What is really cool, Jumbo markets have 100% vegan freezers with pizza, vegan ice cream etc. (and some delicious vegan cheese) so that you can be 100% sure that the products you buy are totally meatless. On top of frozen vegan pizza, you will also find some freshly made vegan pizzas there.

On Jumbo website you can find their locations and hours –> Link Here


Great to know vegans don’t have to give up on some delicious pizza, huh? The year of 2018 was a breakthrough in the city – hundreds of vegan products appeared in supermarkets, as well as numerous plant-based dishes in restaurants. It is not hard to be a vegan in Amsterdam anymore. So, calm down and try some vegan pizza!

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