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How Long Does a Space Cake Last

by Rafal Sulowski

I am writing this article for all the people interested in the space cakes experience. There is quite a big difference between space cakes high and weed high. In the end, space cakes are made of weed but space cake high may be much heavier and it takes longer to wear off. So If you are curious about edibles this is an article for you. Let’s go straight to the point.

How Long Does a Space Cake Last? Space Cake high lasts from 6-8 hours. It’s because you must digest edible and it takes exactly the same amount of time as digestion of regular food. We are all different and space cake trip length may vary based on your body type and mind. Edibles also affect people in different ways.

How Long Does a Space Cake Last

In this article, I am going to write some more about space cakes. You will learn why edible trip lasts longer than a weed trip. I will also mention what is going to influence the effect of a cake. There are going to be some tips and trick for first-timers and important information you should know before you give it a try. What space cake is made of? Where to get a space cake in Amsterdam and what space cake trip feels like. This and much more you will learn today so keep on reading.

Why Space Cake Lasts so Long?

Space Cake trip lasts so long because digestion must be finished. It takes exactly the same amount of time as digestion of regular food. You may want to know why that kind of high is stronger than if you would smoke a joint. It’s because when you smoke cannabis you don’t absorb 100% of THC. When you eat it much more cannabinoids flow into your body. What’s important in the form of space cake it’s absorbed in a very different way, but it is a topic for another article.

That’s why the edible trip is unpredictable and can be much heavier. In this case, you absorb much more THC for a longer period of time. It’s also harder to estimate how much is going to be too much. It takes pretty long to feel any effects.

What is in a Space Cake? How is it made?

The active substance in space cake is THC, and we find this substance in Marihuana. Cannabis has a very strong smell but in the edible, you can barely feel it. How they make space cakes? First, a weed bud is grounded and then put in the butter. Then it’s warmed up in around 75*. Mixture can’t boil because if it does then THC would burn. It takes at least two hours to complete this process. Then by using rose, they put a weed apart and what’s left is cannabis butter. Sometimes people don’t really separate it but in high-quality space cakes, of course, weed is taken apart. When cannabis butter is ready, then is a time to bake a cake and that’s done in a traditional way.

If you visit Amsterdam and you would like to learn more about cannabis culture you can go for a coffeeshop tour. There are different tours on the internet. I know a cool guide – Otto. This Dutch guy knows everything about Amsterdam, cannabis and coffeeshops. You can learn more about his tours here.

Where To Get A Space Cake in Amsterdam?

Most of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam sell their own edibles. Some of them are better, some worst. As far as I know, one of the best space cakes is available in Boerejongens. You can get edibles in many different forms and shapes, but most popular are chocolate brownies and vanilla cupcakes.

In my other article, you can read about the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam and I mention some with a wide variety of space cakes. You can read this article here.  

How Long Does a Space Cake Last

Boerejongens is coffeeshop known for their high-quality edibles and I must admit they look amazing. Another coffeeshop selling good space cakes is Paradox. You must remember that Paradox space cakes contain as much as 1 gram of weed and they are very very strong. There is instruction on every space cake so read it carefully before you eat it. Bagheera sells also a wide range of edibles.

What Does a Space Cake High Feel Like?

I am always saying that it depends. If two people eat the same piece of a space cake they can both have a totally different experience. It all depends on your body and mind. It also depends on the strain of weed space cake was made of. If you know what kind of strain is in it then it can be easier to predict effects, but most of the time, coffeeshops do not provide that kind of information.

Most often people feel like floating, muscles are relaxed. You can feel a little lazy and giggly. Most probably you experience feeling of constant hunger and dryness in your mouth. Short-Term amnesia is also a very common effect. You can’t really remember what were you saying a few moments ago. Space cake trip is similar to weed high, it’s just heavier. The effect is often stronger because people underestimate the power of a space cake and they eat too much. On the other hand, much more THX is absorbed when in the form of food.

Some people can experience feelings such as anxiety, panic attacks, shortness of breath, increased heart rate. If you experience those before, you are a very neurotic person or you had some mental issues, it’s better for you to avoid space cakes.

How Long Does It Take for Space Cake to Kick In?

It’s different for various people. Some people may feel high right away and for others, it may take up to 2 hours. After half an hour you should feel some effects and after 1,5 hour high is going to peak.

After effect can last even 12 hours after a trip is finished. If you have a space cake hangover you need to take care of yourself. It’s a good idea to eat some healthy meal, drink a lot of water and exercise to boost endorphins.

Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

  • Eat something before you have a space cake. It will lessen the effects of an edible.
  • If you are not strong mentally or not at your best at the moment you shouldn’t eat it.
  • Your metabolism has a big influence on the effect of space cake. If you digest slowly then you may think that you don’t really feel anything but that’s the point when most people make it wrong and eat more. Wait for effects. It’s better to eat less than more. Better smart than sorry.
  • Combining cannabis edibles with alcohol can end up very bad, especially if you are already drunk it’s better for you to avoid edibles. Trust me.
  • Before you eat a space cake you should definitely read what is written on the box. There is information on how much weed is in the cake and how much you can eat at once. Some edibles may contain as little as 0.3 gram of weed and some as much as 1 gram and that’s 3 times more. For people who don’t use any sort of cannabis 0.3 is already a lot.

How to Stop Space Cake High?

Unfortunately, you can not stop a space cake trip just like that. You have to ride it and it takes some time. Space Cake high lasts from 6 to 8 hours, and aftereffects may last up to 12 hours. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to lessen unpleasant feelings if they occur. Below I am going to mention a few things you can do to make yourself feel better:

  • Breath easily and calm down.
  • Take a cold shower. It helps me personally.
  • Drink a lot of water. You must keep hydrated.
  • Drink Coffee ( at least it makes me feel better )
  • Go for a walk with your buddy. Do not go alone. Fresh air helps.
  • If you have some CBD oil you can try this to balance your high.
  • Try to fall asleep. When you wake up you are going to feel much better.

Read This Before You Have A Space Cake

  • Never combine space cakes with alcohol or other drugs. Especially don’t eat any cannabis-infused edibles when you are already drunk.
  • For the first-timers, it’s best to eat it at home, because if you don’t feel well you can go to bed. Also being at home will make you feel more comfortable and you will avoid unnecessary anxiety and paranoia.
  • Space Cake high can take up to 8 hours.
  • Eat something beforehand.

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