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100 Beautiful Castles of The Netherlands

by Micaela Zaslabsky

Like most European countries, the Netherlands has a long list of medieval buildings, including castles, that have survived through the years and remain as a living piece of history. In the Netherlands there are around 300 castles, some of them still remain untouched and are worth visiting. These are the most beautiful ones that are open to the public:

  1. Muiderslot Castle (North-Holland)
  2. De Haar Castle (Utrecht)
  3. Doornenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  4. Doorwerth Castle (Gelderland)
  5. Radboud Castle (North Holland)
  6. Ammersoyen Castle (Gelderland)
  7. Duurstede Castle (Utrecht)
  8. Slot Loevestein (Gelderland)
  9. Huis Bergh, ‘s-Heerenberg (Gelderland)
  10. Paleis Het Loo (Gelderland)

A castle is a type of fortified structure built during the Middle Ages predominantly by the nobility or royalty and some military orders. This can have any shape and size, and the Netherlands has many of them. If you are travelling around the Netherlands, you will be able to find a lot of types of castles in any of the 12 provinces: single towers, amazing buildings surrounded by lakes, mansions and country or forest castles. Do you want to know the best ones and where to find them? Keep reading!

The Best Castles in the Netherlands

If you like history and amazing architecture you cannot miss the chance to visit the best castles of the Netherlands during your stay. There are hundreds of amazing Medieval buildings, as I was saying, some of them particularly picturesque because of their location or style, yet there are a top 10 castles you have to visit if you have the chance.

1. Muiderslot Castle (North-Holland)

This amazing building is located very close to Amsterdam in the little town of Muiden. It is a typical castle with four towers and a squared structure, surrounded by beautiful gardens. This is because the structure was planned with the idea of defending the lord of the castle in this area of frequent trade and constant movement with the rest of Europe. This castle was built in 1285. The building was restored in the 17th Century and nowadays it’s a national museum open to the public. You can visit it all year round, mostly from 10 to 17.

Muiderslot Castle (North-Holland) || Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.org
  • You can cycle there from Amsterdam Central Station, it’s about 15km. Route explained here.
  • You can book your tickets here.
  • You get a discount with your IAmsterdam card.
  • Parking is private: the rate is € 2.40 an hour or € 21.60 a day.
  • Tickets are 15.50 for adults online and 9 for children.
  • Babies and Toddlers have free entrance.
  • Concert, activities and events are also organised here.
  • Audio guide and Guided tours available

2. De Haar Castle (Utrecht)

De Haar is probably the most beautiful castle in the Netherlands and one of the most luxurious and impressive ones of all Europe. It is also the largest castle of Utrecht. This is a building located close to Utrecht, it has been well-preserved and it even has on display a lot of objects from the time it was owned by the nobility. Between 1892 and 1912, the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers decided to rebuild this castle on top of the ruins of the old, derelict castle that stood there. Since then, it has been the second residence of a lot of the European elite, such as Coco Chanel. Moreover, like any decent Northern European castle, it has a rose garden. In this case, with over 1200 roses in 79 different species and it is especially worth a visit in the summer, when the flowers are in full bloom.

De Haar Castle (Utrecht) || Photo Courtesy of commons.wikimedia
De Haar Castle (Utrecht) || Photo Courtesy of Lumperjack
  • Open from Monday to Sunday from 10 to 17, every day of the year.
  • It is free for Museumkaart holders.
  • You can book the ticket online or buy it there: 17 euros for adults, 11 for children and toddlers free.
  • You can visit just the park if you want to: 6 euros for adults, 4 for children.
  • It is half an hour away from Amsterdam by car.
  • You can cycle there, take the bus or a car.
  • Parking is 6 euros.

3. Doornenburg Castle (Gelderland)

This is one of the oldest castles in the Netherlands, since it constructions goes back to the 9th Century, when the walls were built. It didn’t become a proper castle until the 13th Century. The whole structure consists of one main castle and a front castle, which are connected via a wooden bridge. It is unique because it also had a farm inside its walls as well as, because how well everything is preserved. Nowadays, the Doornenburg castle and its tea rooms are opened the public. Unlike the other two castles, visitors are invited to tour the courtyard for free but can only see the interior of the castle through a guided tour, where guests can take a trip back in time and see what it was like to live during the Middle Ages.

Doornenburg Castle (Gelderland) || Photo Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org
  • Located in Doornenburg, Gelderland. Between Nijmegen and Arnhem.
  • Tours can be arranged on the spot only.
  • The only way to visit it is through a tour and you have to check the agenda.
  • There are concerts, weddings and many events hosted here.
  • The famous Dutch tv series Floris took place here.
  • Adult entrance costs €7.50, children 5, and toddlers and babies free.
  • You can use your museumkaart.

4. Doorwerth Castle (Gelderland)

Another beautiful castle close to the city of Arnhem is Doorwerth Castle, a building constructed in the 13th Century on a privileged location, close to the Rhine River and surrounded by a little forest. The castle is mentioned in historical documents dating back as far as 1260, which makes it one of the oldest castles in the Netherlands. Inside the castle, you can enjoy the richly decorated period rooms and imagine yourself to be living there. There is also an armour room.

Doorwerth Castle (Gelderland) || Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.commons.org
  • English tours can be given upon request.
  • Grandparents admission packages: free admission for grandchildren.
  • The entrance is € 11,50 per person and 5,25 for children between 5 and 18.
  • By car, you can go via the A50, exit 19 to Renkum.
  • It is possible to go by bus or cycling from Arnhem.
  • It has a vegetable garden.
  • They do horse riding.
  • You can bring your dog along.
  • There is also a tearoom!
  • Events can be organised here.

5. Radboud Castle (North Holland)

At the end of the 13th Century, Floris V of Holland, a nobleman (and the inspiration for the tv series recorder in the Doornenburg castle), ordered the construction of a series of castles to control the Westfrisian population in the Northern part of the country. Radboud Castle is the only one remaining of those castles. It also has a modest collection of objects that illustrate the building’s history and a prison.

Radboud Castle (North Holland) || Photo courtesy of kasteelradboud
  • Free entrance for Museumkaart holders.
  • You can book your tickets online.
  • Adults entrance is 8 euros, 5 for children and free for toddlers.
  • They do high tea and high wine upon request.
  • It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and from 9 to 17.
  • It offers an audio tour and special activities for children.

6. Ammersoyen Castle (Gelderland)

The castle Ammersoyen is located in Ammerzoden, Gelderland. It was originally built in 1350. along the river Maas. Ammersoyen was a unique castle, located along the river Maas. What was particular about it, was that it was built using a fixed plan, which was unlike other castles built during this era. It counts with four wings, connected to a centre court. Each corner had its own heavy tower for extra protection, as well as a moat, making it one of the most effective defensive structures of the Netherlands back in the day.

Ammersoyen Castle (Gelderland) || Photo Courtesy of J P, Flickr
  • The inside has been restored.
  • It is possible to do a tour in English as well!
  • Ticket: 9,50 euros/5,25 for children
  • Open April – October: Tuesday – Sunday, 11 – 5 pm.
  • Open November – March: Sunday, 11 – 5 pm.
  • Ammersoyen Castle organises events for young and old.
  • Reachable by public transportation and by car!

7. Duurstede Castle (Utrecht)

Another 13th Century beauty from the Netherlands, a castle located in the province of Utrecht. During the years, this castle had several owners. The town council regained the ownership of the castle in 1852. At this time, they turned the surrounding fortifications into a big park that still exists. Curious enough, the castle was only accessible via a small ferry until 1925. Nowadays you can access it through a typical Dutch bridge and go there by car or public transportation. More than a museum is a place to go for events, workshops and important occasions. It has kept the external structure but it has a lot of modern features that make it a mix of times.

Duurstede Castle (Utrecht) || Photo Courtesy of Frans Berkelaar
  • Not open to the public.
  • Beautiful setting for exterior photography and sightseeing.
  • Located close to De Heul, half an hour by car from Utrecht.

8. Slot Loevestein (Gelderland)

Medieval castle located in the province of Gelderland. If you want to have the experience of sleeping at a Medieval castle, this is your chance. You can reach it from the city of Gorinchem in Gelderland, by boat! And have the full experience in one of the Soldatenhuisje (soldier house), a modernised house with views to the castle. Or if you prefer, have a proper dinner by the castle at Kruiden & Jasmijn. (Check prices here, in Dutch)

Slot Loevestein || Photo Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org
  • Reachable by water taxi: book here.
  • Average ticket 14 euros, children 9,50 and babies free.
  • Museumkaart holders don’t pay.
  • You can book it only and check the open days here.
  • Not a proper museum but a place to live different experience: food, drinks, sleepover and more.

9. Huis Bergh, ‘s-Heerenberg (Gelderland)

The Huis Bergh castle is a Medieval building surrounded by a moat, and it dates back from the 13th Century. Half of it is enclosed by an embankment. The first towers were constructed in the 11th Century and certain parts have been reconstructed due to the damage suffered during several fires. Nowadays, it’s a great place to spend a day or a weekend: the castle keeps is original structure while the towers have been reconstructed and have become amazing resorts for a weekend away. Huis Bergh Castle is situated in the Netherlands near the German border.

Huis Bergh, ‘s-Heerenberg || Photo Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org
  • Hotel, restaurant and museum all in one.
  • Coach parking free of charge.
  • English website.
  • Business gathering and conference hall.
  • Free audio tour.
  • Accessible.
  • Adults entrance 13,50 euros, children 8,50.
  • Museumkaart free of charge.

10. Paleis Het Loo (Gelderland)

This Palace is more than just a castle: this building constructed during the Dutch Baroque in the 17th Century is in Apeldoorn, one of the inside cities of the Netherlands. It structures remains us of the French and British Imperial palaces. During the year 2020 will be mostly closed due to renovations, which is a pity if you wish to visit the inside.
The building has remained intact for decades and there are many events taking place there during the winter months this year and the beginning of next year. Some of them are:

Paleis het Loo (Gelderland) || Photo Courtesy of Frans Berkelaar
  • Spirit of Winter: from the 13th until the 17th of November. A winter wonderland market with over 160 stalls. Entrance ticket has to be bought beforehand, here.
  • Winter Paleis: from the 7 December until the 5th of January 2020 there will be a display of desserts and well-decorated tables expose to the public, as well as many workshops for children.
  • Children’s Studio: where children will be able to reenact all the professions once common in the palace: flower arrangement, horse riding, etc.
  • Stables Square: from the 13th until the 17th of November. This is a great opportunity to get to visit the 19th Century stables, all the coaches and horses, some of which are servers of the Dutch Royal Family.
  • Ice Skating! Like in many cities of the Netherlands, there will be an ice rink. Dutch are great at wintersports and there will always be a place to do ice skating when it starts getting cold. If you want to enjoy the view of the illuminated palace while doing it, this is a great place. If you are interested to know what to do during winter in the Netherlands, read this article.
  • And more.

Some extra beautiful buildings that maybe are not museums are:

  1. Waardenburg Castle: semicircular castle surrounded by water and forest. The very beautiful residence of Doctor Faust, according to the legend.
  2. Huis te Ruurlo: big residence, a small castle, with a pit and a bridge, very Medieval, private house.
  3. Jachtslot Sint Hubertus: an amazing tower surrounded by a lake and forest. A magical location for an amazing building that serves both as private residence and museum.
  4. Huize Almelo: nowadays, a private mansion. Back in the day, a beautiful castle with a majestic entrance.
  5. Drakensteyn Castle: a small tower surrounded by a pit. It has a very peculiar and beautiful hexagonal shape.
Rechteren Castle (Overijssel) || Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.commons

100 Beautiful Castles in the Netherlands

There are hundreds of castles in the Netherlands. Some of the buildings are impressive Medieval constructions, some of them are just towers or apparently normal-looking houses with certain characteristics that classify them as castles, such as location and so on. If you are travelling anywhere in the Netherlands you will be able to find a castle within an hour from you. Some of them have become museums and are open to the public, some of them are private properties and some have even become hotels. Most of them are located in Gelderland, next to the German border, where the defence was key. Check the ones that are closer to you:

  1. Amerongen Castle (Utrecht)
  2. Huis Beverweert (Utrecht)
  3. Bolenstein (Utrecht)
  4. Huis Doorn (Utrecht)
  5. Drakensteyn Castle (Utrecht)
  6. Duurstede Castle (Utrecht)
  7. De Haar Castle (Utrecht)
  8. Gunterstein Castle (Utrecht)
  9. Hardenbroek Castle (Utrecht)
  10. Hinderstein Castle (Utrecht)
  11. Loenersloot Castle (Utrecht)
  12. Moersbergen Castle (Utrecht)
  13. Moersbergen Castle (Utrecht)
  14. Zuylen Castle (Utrecht)
  15. Radboud Castle (North Holland)
  16. Muider Castle (North Holland)
  17. Ilpenstein Castle (North Holland)
  18. Slot Heemstede (North Holland)
  19. Huis ter Kleef (North Holland)
  20. Brederode Castle (North Holland)
  21. Slot Assumburg (North Holland)
  22. Haamstede Castle (Zeeland)
  23. Hellenburg Castle (Zeeland)
  24. Slot Moermond (Zeeland)
  25. Huis te Sabbinge (Zeeland)
  26. Westhove Castle (Zeeland)
  27. Slot Teylingen (South Holland)
  28. Rhoon Castle (South Holland)
  29. Burcht van Leiden (South Holland)
  30. Duivenvoorde Castle (South Holland)
  31. Huys Dever (South Holland)
  32. Huize Almelo (Overijssel)
  33. Rechteren Castle (Overijssel)
  34. Twickel Castle (Overijssel)
  35. Waardenborg Castle (Overijssel)
  36. Zwijnsbergen Castle (North Brabant)
  37. Tongelaer Castle (North Brabant)
  38. Strijen Castle (North Brabant)
  39. Stapelen Castle (North Brabant)
  40. Small Castle (North Brabant)
  41. Onsenoort Castle (North Brabant)
  42. Nemerlaer Castle (North Brabant)
  43. Maurick Castle (North Brabant)
  44. Maurick Castle (North Brabant)
  45. Heeze Castle (North Brabant)
  46. Heeswijk Castle (North Brabant)
  47. Geldrop Castle (North Brabant)
  48. Dommelrode Castle (North Brabant)
  49. Dussen Castle (North Brabant)
  50. Croy Castle (North Brabant)
  51. Breda Castle (North Brabant)
  52. Bouvigne Castle (North Brabant)
  53. Great Castle (North Brabant)
  54. Aldendriel Castle (North Brabant)
  55. Wittem Castle (Limburg)
  56. Well Castle (Limburg)
  57. Valkenburg Castle (Limburg)
  58. Ter Worm Castle (Limburg)
  59. Schaloen Castle (Limburg)
  60. Rivieren Castle (Limburg)
  61. Ouborg Castle (Limburg)
  62. Mheer Castle (Limburg)
  63. Landsfort Heerlen (Limburg)
  64. Jansgeleen Castle (Limburg)
  65. Hoensbroek Castle (Limburg)
  66. Hillenraad Castle (Limburg)
  67. Genhoes Castle (Limburg)
  68. Château St. Gerlach (Limburg)
  69. Château Neercanne (Limburg)
  70. Bleijenbeek Castle (Limburg)
  71. Baarlo Castle (Limburg)
  72. Ammersoyen Castle (Gelderland)
  73. Batenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  74. Bergh Castle (Gelderland)
  75. Biljoen Castle (Gelderland)
  76. Blankenborg Castle (Gelderland)
  77. Cannenburgh Castle (Gelderland)
  78. Doddendael Castle (Gelderland)
  79. Doornenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  80. Doorwerth Castle (Gelderland)
  81. Goudenstein Castle (Gelderland)
  82. Hackfort Castle (Gelderland)
  83. Hatert Castle (Gelderland)
  84. Hernen Castle (Gelderland)
  85. Jachtslot Sint Hubertus (Gelderland)
  86. De Kelder Castle (Gelderland)
  87. Keppel Castle (Gelderland)
  88. Kinkelenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  89. Merckenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  90. Slot Loevestein (Gelderland)
  91. Huis van Malsen (Gelderland)
  92. Middachten Castle (Gelderland)
  93. Oude Loo Castle (Gelderland)
  94. Nederhemert Castle (Gelderland)
  95. Nijenbeek Castle (Gelderland)
  96. Huis te Ruurlo (Gelderland)
  97. Slangenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  98. Wijenburg Castle (Gelderland)
  99. Wisch Castle (Gelderland)
  100. Waardenburg Castle (Gelderland)

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