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Things To Do in Haarlem at Night. My Recommendations!

by Rafal Sulowski

I’ve been living in Haarlem for 5 years and I have a special feeling for this city. It’s a lovely place with medieval architecture and a movie-like vibe. There are plenty of things to do and nights are vibrant. For sure it’s much calmer place and less international than Amsterdam but you won’t get bored. Here I would like to share with you some of my favorite things to do in Haarlem at night!

  1. Clubbing: XO, Studio, Patronaat
  2. Pub Crawl: De Flapcan, Ujltje Bar, De Wolfhound
  3. Get lost and discover narrow streets of Haarlem
  4. Play darts, billiard, bowling or karting
Haarlem in the night || Photo courtesy of Marianne Bevis

So In this article, I will describe my favorite things to do in Haarlem but I will also give you some tips. I will tell you if Haarlem is safe at night and I will tell you my experience of night transport.

Is Haarlem Safe at night?

The Netherlands is very safe in general. Haarlem is also a safe place to be at night. I must admit that the streets in the city center tend to be empty at night, but don’t worry. I’ve never been in any dangerous situation and I go out a lot! But of course, you should take care of some general safety rules and maybe don’t go alone.

Best Bars in Haarlem

De Flapcan – It’s quite a cool bar for those who like to play billiard and darts. It’s a bar for locals and you can rarely meet there any expats, but it has a great vibe.

Café De Vijfhoek – It’s located close to the Botermarkt, in a lovely little neighborhood. That’s my favorite part of the city. Cafe de Vijfhoek is definitely worth visiting.

Ujltje Bar – If you like a craft beer you will love Ujltje. My friend told me about this place and I liked it from the very first visit. They have great food and beer. It’s quite new bar as it was opened in 2015. They also serve their own crafted beer.

Ujltje Bar || photo courtesy of Ujltje Bar

Proeflokaal In den Uiver – It’s a tasting bar, where you can get some crafted beer, whiskey, and jenever. If you don’t know the traditional Dutch way of drinking their famous gin, it’s time to learn. I am sure you will like it 😉

Wijnbar Viqh – if you are into vine you must visit Wijnbar Viqh

De Wolfhound – If you ask me what is the best beer in the world I have an answer ready. Everyone knows it is a Guinness. So besides De wolfhound serving the best beer in the world, Guinness, there are some more reasons to visit this Haarlem’s Irish bar. It’s located in a very old lounge from the 17th century and often they have some live bands. They also serve some snacks.

Music Bars and Clubs

In this section you find a list of spots where you can dance and go a little bit crazy 😉

Studio – Studio has been a cinema in the past and today it’s a club with music and a live music on Saturdays. They have some outdoor terrace and often people spend their time outside. They have a great music but if you want to dance you should visit XO.

XO– That’s my favorite club in Haarlem. On Fridays and Saturday, there is a DJ and they have some good parties. Before the party starts there are some tables so you can chill. After 19, I believe, they remove tables and is a limited area to sit. You’ve got to dance 😉

Patronaat – Patronaat is well known Haarlem’s club. If there are some big concerts they take place in Patronaat. It’s in the city center, just opposite the city hall. From the train station, you can get there in 10 – 15 minutes. If you go there for a party you better come earlier, there is always a long line outside. Keep in mind that most of the time there are some big parties so you need a ticket.

Photo courtesy of Dan Kamminga|| Flickr

If you don’t want to spend money on the entrance ticket you should go to Studio or XO. They are both in the city center, maybe 100 meters away from each other and entrance is free.


When it comes to coffeeshops my favorite one is called Regine and it’s one of the most popular in Haarlem. It’s a high-quality coffeeshop with good prices. If you don’t know anything about this part of Dutch culture, don’t worry, they will explain to you everything.

Get Lost

Haarlem is a beautiful city and it’s worth just walking around and discovering these lovely narrow streets. Haarlem is just like Amsterdam without crowds. Especially around a Christmas Time when there are plenty of lights it’s breathtaking. Ok, but you may want to know where you should start. I would go to Botermarkt and begin from there on.

Windmill Adriaan, Haarlem || Photo courtesy of spotter_nl


When it comes to Billiard the best place you can find in Haarlem is a Purple Pool. There is always a great atmosphere and it’s easy to get there. Purple Pool is located a few steps from Mcdonalds in the city center. Prices are reasonable and it’s a cool place to warm up before you go to some clubs. They have a great terrace for smokers.


Silverstone is a party center with karting, bowling, billiard and laser gaming. It’s not in the strict city center but you can quickly get there by train or Uber. If you have a car, that’s the easiest way to get to Silverstone and they have free parking 🙂 In Silverston there is plenty to do you can spend there half of the day. They also serve beer and amazing hot chocolate. You can also order some bites!

Night Transportation From Haarlem To Amsterdam

That kind of sucks 😉 You can easily get from Haarlem To Amsterdam by train. The last train is around 1 o’clock at night. But to be sure you should check the current schedule at 9292.nl

Another reasonable option is an uber and it won’t be much more expensive if you are for example with 4 people. A train ticket costs 5 euros per person and a return ticket costs 9 euros. For Uber, you will pay around 40 euros. For a taxi, it is 60 euros.

Night Transportation in Haarlem

There are much less buses during the night and after 2 am until 5 am you may have problems coming back home. The best solution is to get a bike and cycle to the city center.

Haarlem Station || Photo courtesy of daniMU


Jopenkerk is a brewery built in a former church. Since 2010 it’s one of the most popular Haarlem bars and attractions. I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of this place. It’s cool to see and to visit but it’s not a spot that gives you trill. Next to the Jopenkerk, there is Woodstone Pizza restaurant and this one I can totally recommend. I really like the food and how they serve it, on stone plates.

Photo courtesy of Graeme Anderson || Flickr


The first bar I discovered when I arrived in Haarlem was Cafe De Flapcan, so I will always have some nostalgic feelings towards it. It’s a bar for locals, you will rarely find there any tourist. They have billiard tables and darts. Often in bars where you find darts, it’s allowed to smoke. I am happy to say that there is a designated ventilated room for smokers. I mentioned that this was the first place we discovered when we moved to Haarlem. I encourage you to start just by finding your own place. There are plenty of hidden gems in Haarlem.

Summer Evenings

City Beach the Oerkap – It’s a beach bar in the city center of Haarlem. They have great food, I tried their sushi and pizza – delicious. It’s a cool place to hang out, full of laid-back people. I wouldn’t call it a restaurant. You order food in the bar and then you carry it to your table. Don’t get me wrong, I like this, and it creates a cool vibe. You interact with other people waiting in the line and it just feels good. Definitely worth visiting. In the winter they are closed and it the summer they are open from 12:00 tot 0:00.

BoterMarkt – During summer days restaurants and bars on Botermarkt are open longer and it’s a lovely little square, just perfect to spend a warm summer evening.


If you like sports I recommend Tennis & Squash Overhout. They are open till 11 pm so you can play tennis or squash and then have some drinks. They have quite a cool lounge with a view of the tennis courts.


Haarlem is a peaceful, calm city and surely not a party heart of the Netherlands. But there are some cool bars and clubs, so if you visit the city you won’t be bored. There is plenty to do and see.

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