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Can You Barbecue on Balcony in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

by Rafal Sulowski

I already miss a taste of bbq. When it’s cold you don’t really feel like barbecuing but summer is coming so get ready! Outdoor you can barbecue in plenty of spots but what about bbq at home, on the balcony? Can You Barbecue on Balcony in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

Check what are the house rules. Most housing associations determine that barbecue is not allowed on the balcony. There is no law that forbids barbecuing on the balcony, but you must adhere to the rules of the housing association or house owner. Electric barbecues are allowed.

Barbecue is almost like a hobby and you can see a passion of some people busy with turning meat around. I’m more of a person waiting for food;) In this article, you can find information on what barbecues you can use on the balcony of your apartment.

Can You BBQ on the Balcony in the Netherlands?

There is no official law that forbids barbecuing on the balcony. Therefore, always check the house rules of your Owners Association first if you are considering barbecuing on the balcony. Many HOA’s have established clear rules and guidelines and it is smart to stick to this to maintain a good relationship with the neighbors.

Electric Barbecue – Always Allowed

In most cases house rule states that you can use an electric barbecue, electric plate on the balcony. At least in my apartment, it’s allowed, and we live on the top floor so we’ve never got any complaints. If gas bbq and charcoal bbq are forbidden that’s your way to go.

Barbecue in the Garden – It’s allowed to barbecue in the garden. But you should also talk to your neighbours.

Dealing With Neighbours

I’m pretty sure that you will have some problems with your neighbors. Always there is someone who won’t like you barbecuing, for whatever reason. It’s good to ask your neighbors if they don’t mind you barbecuing. If you live on the top floor that might be not that big of a deal. If someone lives above you that becomes an issue.

Tips on barbecuing on Balcony

  • Place the barbecue on a flat, non-flammable surface
  • Take the wind direction into account
  • Close windows and doors so that no sparks can blow in
  • Do not extinguish with water, this gives steam. Deglaze with sand or cover the barbecue with a lid

Source: www.brandweer.nl

First Aid For Burns

It is often tight on a balcony. Do you accidentally bump someone against the BBQ, here’s what you can do best:
Cool the burn under lukewarm running water for about 10 minutes.
– Just cool the wound.
– Be careful with removing clothing, only remove clothing that does not stick to the wound.
– Do not put anything on the burn
– Call a doctor if you have blisters and / or affected skin

Rules and regulations for barbecues in parks in Amsterdam

You can barbecue in many parks in Amsterdam, but in some, it’s not allowed. On the map below you can find an interactive map with spots where you can bbq. Keep in mind that you can not scorch the grass and always clean up after you are finished.

Map of The BBQ Spots in Parks and Public Gardens

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