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10 Ideas For a Bachelor Party in Amsterdam

by Rafal Sulowski

Your (or your best friend’s) big day is inevitably coming up. You are looking for the world’s best party city so that this particular bachelor party will never be forgotten. Amsterdam is one of the cities that should come first to your mind, isn’t it? In my opinion, you cannot find a better destination. Probably the best parties in Western Europe, beautiful architecture, and gorgeous women. This all sounds too good to be true but believe me, this is true. I am absolutely sure that if you choose Amsterdam to celebrate your or your friend’s bachelor party, this event will be legendary. Here are some ideas you can bring into life while organizing a bachelor party in Amsterdam.

Here is a list of ideas for a Bachelor party in Amsterdam:

  1. Silent Disco Cruise
  2. Escape Room
  3. Go-Karting
  4. Party
  5. Archery Tag Battle
  6. Bubble Football
  7. Beer Bike 
  8. Coffeeshop Crawl
  9. Bar Crawl
  10. Enjoy Great Amsterdam Food

1. Silent disco

A silent disco event can be unobvious but an extremely interesting idea for a successful bachelor party. The concept is quite unique as the party is incomplete… silence. Isn’t it a cool experience? There are multiple companies and venues organizing that kind of a party. But you have to book it in advance. It’s not that popular, and I’ve seen it only once when going for a party crawl in Amsterdam. Especially for a bachelor party, you want everything to be well organized.

Photo Courtesy of Edinia

How does it work?

You get on board and put the silent, wireless headphones. Then you just dive into the rhythm on the beats of the party DJ. There are no speakers, loud and vibrating. Depends on the party organizer there may be some snacks and drinks (mainly some starters and satay, and beer, welcome drink, wine, and soft drinks). There are various packages for groups. You can also ask for some particular kind of music in advance.

Here You Can Book A Silent Disco

The average party has space for 80 people maximum but if your bachelor party is a large one, you can even book it all. The Silent Disco takes around 2 – 2.5 hours. It’s quite cheap – it costs only 8 Euros per person. Check this offer to learn about upcoming party dates and details.

2. Escape Room

If you want to spend some amazing and creative time during your bachelor party, you might consider trying one of the most popular escape rooms in Amsterdam. This might be fun you will never forget. All you need to do is solve all the puzzles and get out of this freaking room. You are forced to use your heads and cooperate as effectively as possible.

Most of Amsterdam’s escape rooms can be played with 4-6 people but there are exceptions for larger groups, like for bachelor parties. In some escape room companies, you can even order some party snacks and beverages or spend some relaxing time in a cozy lounge. There are some escape rooms I especially recommend for men having fun at such a party.

Amsterdam Bachelor Party

Room Escape Amsterdam

It lasts up to 1 hour. Try to escape from the room as quickly as possible by solving puzzles and clues. Room Escape Amsterdam currently has four rooms: Room 8, The Bunker, Vietnamese Victim and Quarantine 2.0. All 4 rooms have their own theme, which plays a huge part in you solving the mystery of how to escape.

Try Room Escape Amsterdam

Instructions are in Dutch and English. It’s better to get a skip the line ticket in advance. Price includes:

  • Briefing
  • Instructor
  • Debriefing

3. Go-karting

Amsterdam Stag Do

Everyone knows that men do embrace cars. So, what could be better for a bachelor party, than a really fast race? Amsterdam is famous for such fast entertainment, mainly because of very large racetracks. After the first indoor kart track in Amsterdam opened (the early 1990s), it became an immediate hit. In my opinion, keeping the pedal to the metal can be a really creative way of saying goodbye to your friends if you are getting married very soon.

So, if your energy levels are still up, race your bachelor party buddies for a couple of 10-minute heats at the Amsterdam Karting Experience. I guarantee that you will have plenty of fun!

After each heat all times are recorded so you can easily check out who the winner is. Karting is all about speed and skills. Steering over the track can be an exceptional experience so if you’ve never tried it, a bachelor party is just a perfect occasion to deep dive into such a male activity. Amsterdam has one of the fast tracks in the Netherlands so going for gold will be crazy this time!

Why am I recommending such activity for a bachelor party? High-speed indoor karting is pure fun each will appreciate it. This is an exciting way to compete against your buddies. Besides, it is not a typical way to celebrate your or your friend’s wedding. It’s fun for everyone, no matter how athletic you are and how much experience you have.

  • Karting is not very expensive. There are usually 2 heats, each takes 10 minutes. 2 heats cost around 40 Euro per person.
  • The maximum amount of time an amateur can spend racing is approximately an hour.
  • Of course, the safety equipment is provided with no additional cost.

The minimum number of people booking all karts is 6. I especially like the Race Planet. It has two kart tracks and free parking. If you want to check the tracks in advance, you can easily download the Race Planet Amsterdam map. Race Planet is situated close to the A5 in Amsterdam.

4. A little Party never killed anybody

Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps. And will never let you sleep at your bachelor night. Extravagant parties, loud music, strip shows – the last night of your freedom will make you wonder. If you feel like a free, open-air party, you should go to Vondelpark or Oosterpark. Both of them often host live music events. 

Group Of Male Friends On Night Out For Bachelor Party In Bar Making Toast Together

You can also visit the Red Light District – this is the last chance in your single life. The good news is that you can party almost everywhere within the Red Light District for free. If you are ready to party even harder, there are some clubs beyond the Red Light District. Most of them are cannabis-friendly and in some of them, you can hire women for more personalized entertainment.

De Wallen

The best-known part of the Red Light District. It is a small network of valleys literally packed with one-room cabins illuminated with a blacklight and red lights. De Wallen is like the very Red Light District right in the Red Light District.

Bachelor Party Ideas Amsterdam

For foreigners, the area maybe even a crazy culture shock. There are beautiful women offering their services, there are numerous sex clubs, bars, and restaurants, all waiting for bachelor party buddies to spend their money. De Wallen is a must-see in Amsterdam.

La Vie en Proost

One of the coziest strip clubs in Amsterdam, situated in the middle of the Red Light District. Go-go girls, lap dancers and topless women – La Vie en Proost is known to be one of the best lap dance bars in the city. The prices are ok and the entrance is free. La Vie en Proost is a cool place if you want to take off your bachelor party the Amsterdam way!

Banana Bar

Located at Oudezijds Achterburg, open until late night hours, especially on weekends, Banana Bar is one of the most popular clubs when it comes to bachelor parties in Amsterdam. Famous for beautiful women and unlimited drinks included in the cover charge for an hour. There is also the ‘banana trick’ you just have to see while partying at Banana Bar. The club is quite expensive, be prepared to spend around 70 – 80 Euro for a visit.

5. Try the Archery Tag Battle

Bachelor Party Amsterdam Ideas


Have you ever heard of the archery tag battle? It is very similar to a paintball or laser tag. However, instead of shooting a gun you are using real archery equipment. You shoot real arrows at your buddies. This is something for those who are definitely in the mood for some action, huh? Archery Tag Battle is one of the most recent fads in Amsterdam.

It is challenging and it does not hurt as much as paintball. Fortunately, the groom will not have bruises the next morning. Why? The archery tag is played with arrows with foam-tops so you do not feel any pain when you are shot. You are also equipped with some extra protection – a mask.

If you are interested in archery tag I recommend this one. 

Archery tag is one of those male activities where the adrenaline quickly builds up.

  • Equipped bows, arrows and all safety gears are included and if you book the time for a group of several people, you also get a bottle of beer, some wine and soft drinks.
  • The minimum group is six people though. What I can tell, based on my experience, the staff members at The Archery Tag Battle Amsterdam are professional and give all necessary tips and introduction about safety and the equipment. You get a short briefing on how the game works and then there is a practice round so that everyone can see what it is all about. Each participant will try hitting targets with their bow and arrow. Then, once everyone gives it a try, the battle begins.
  • There are several different games during the battle. Each Archery Tag session takes up to 75 minutes. The winner is rewarded with a special prize.

Afterward, you can relax and have some soft drinks in the bar. The price for a 75-minute fun is not even 30 Euro per person. Remember to check availability at least a week before the party so that you can make sure the Archery Tag is not booked on your preferred date.

6. Play bubble football

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Ideas

Bubble football is also called Zorb football. Last year it was one of the most popular group activities in Amsterdam and this year it has been equally popular.

What is it actually? Just try to imagine several people running around like they are mad in big bubbles that prevent them from hurting themselves. They slam into each other and bounce away and, what is extremely funny, they hardly control their moves. It is crazy and fun when they run on the pitch and do everything it takes to flatten other participants. At the same time, they should remember which direction they should run to score. Easy, isn’t it?

Bubble football can be played indoors and outdoors but if the weather is ok, I truly recommend you try it outdoors because of the spot’s beautiful location. This company organizes cool bubble football events. Bubble football can easily be an exceptional and creative way of spending your bachelor party. The perfect number of participants is 8 but it is not a problem when the group is bigger. There are several playing fields so when there are more than 10 people they are usually divided into groups. The whole activity lasts 75 minutes.

  • At Bubble Football Amsterdam there is free parking. After the game, you can also relax having a drink, some snacks, and even a barbecue.
  • The price is not very high. Assuming that there are eight players, each of them pays around 20 Euro. The price already includes the instructor.
  • The staff is friendly and helpful. They provide players with all materials – court, bubbles, referee and some bottles of water. There is also a chance to arrange return transfer for your bachelor party group.

So, are you ready to get encased in a bubble and split into teams? If so, book a playing field at Bubble Football Amsterdam and let the games commence. Remember, there are no rules. You can do anything it takes – bump, roll and bounce – to win. And winners take it all.

7. Beer day

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Ideas

No matter what type of a bachelor party it is, there are some elements men should not miss. These things include most men’s favorite soft drink – beer.

Beer Bike

A self-pedaled mobile bike for 5 – 17 people. The tour itself takes around 90 minutes – you and your friends will be happily pedaling about the city and drinking of the best-crafted beer in Amsterdam. Oh, I forgot to mention about the bike’s main feature – the Beer Bike tour is all about 20 liters of beer you take with you on board. If you are interested in renting a beer bike you may want to look at this website. 

From a brewery to a beer hall

There are also walking tours including beer tasting. Amsterdam is definitely a brew-loving city, so no surprise that many bachelor parties here cover the best breweries, beer halls and bars. The key point of the tour is usually the original Heineken building where you can learn about the Netherlands brewing history and of course taste some beer.

Go For a Beer Tasting or Beer Walking Tour

During the tour, you can also choose from hundreds of ales while at an impressive beer hall. As this is a bachelor party, you can buy some souvenirs so that you keep all memories of this unique day: beer glasses or rare bottles of beer.

Refreshing Cold Beer Flight with Lager IPA and Porter

Some tours also include snacks that should be paired with each type of beer to enrich its flavour. Most of the beer types are fully local which makes such a tour an exceptional chance to taste beers you would not normally try. The groups are usually small (5 – 10 people) but larger ones can also be arranged. The prices per person vary depending on how many people join and what is included in the tour.

8. A Coffeeshop Crawl

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Ideas

Let’s be honest – coffeeshops are one of the first things you think of when you hear ‘Amsterdam’. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are believed to have the weed of the highest quality and the coolest ambiance in the world. This is why at least one coffeeshop should be on a list of bachelor party activities.

I Recommend This Coffeeshop Tour

Maybe you would like someone to bring you to the best coffeeshops in the city and tell you everything about cannabis culture? Otto, A Dutch guy living in Amsterdam runs cool coffeeshop tours. You can learn more about them here. 

A Private Coffeeshop Tour

The most important thing is that an experienced guide will show you the best places to buy high-quality cannabis products. During the tour, you can of course smoke but this is optional. The coffeeshop tour includes a personal local guide, usually one beverage per person and some weed and hash samples.

The tour lasts around 2 – 3 hours and usually starts somewhere in the Red Light District. Usually, the group consists of 6 – 8 people but if this a bachelor party, the number of people can change. The average price is 45 Euro per person. When it comes to private coffeeshop tours I always recommend a tour with Otto! You can read more about his tours here. 

End up The Party in a Coffeeshop

If you decide to continue having fun smoking weed at the bachelor party, it is crucial you choose the right one. Most of the coffeeshops are small and have small tables, but there are some coffeeshops, I recommend to stag groups. The general rule is to choose a place that is big enough to host a big group after all. In most coffeeshops, if your group is larger than 5-6 people, you should be prepared to be sitting separately.

The Bulldog Café

Located in the middle of the Red District, this original coffeeshop is usually packed with football fans. It is usually very busy but still worth visiting. There are several big tables and a nice downstairs room where you can buy some high-quality stuff. The menu is absolutely outstanding and, what I really like at Bulldog, you can feel the history in here. The Bulldog Café even has a small hotel nearby.

The Bluebird

A great coffeeshop for stag groups. It is a bit pokey but there are very comfortable sofas. The Bluebird is located right outside the Red Light District, in the old Jewish District. I really like the owner – he usually greets all guests and explains how it all works. This coffeeshop offers both pure and mixed joints.

9. A Bar Crawl

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Ideas

Amsterdam has more than 1,500 bars. This is why you never have a problem finding the one that will satisfy your taste and budget. Spending some time in a pub is a very popular activity during most of the bachelor parties. This is why I just need to list some best bachelor-party friendly bars in the city. Here I mention only a few of them, but I put together a list of my favorite cheap bars in Amsterdam here and I am sure you will be very surprised by some of them.

Go For A Red Light District Pub Crawl

Hard Rock Café

An unbeaten number one while choosing from Amsterdam’s bars. There are many Hard Rock Cafes in Europe and the United States and you have probably visited at least 1 or two of them but believe me, Amsterdam’s Hard Rock Café is absolutely unique. There is a great gift shop and so many world-famous rock’s roll gadgets. Besides, Amsterdam’s Hard Rock Café has a casino (absolutely world-class) right out of the corner and two museums. The location is just perfect – it is situated on Max Euweplein.

Hard Rock Café is open until midnight on the weekends, and until 11 p.m. on weekdays.

Melly’s Cookie Bar

Located in a very centrum, at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, will definitely make you feel at home. If your bachelor party needs a cozy place to kick off, this is the one. There is eclectic furniture, cool shutters behind the bar and nice-looking mint-blue walls. Melly’s Cookie Bar serves a very good coffee and some wine in a wine shop downstairs. A big plus for freshly-made baked goods.

5 & 33

If you are not the flashing-neon party type, you might appreciate a touch of class in the city center. 5 & 33 is located near the Central Station and I think it is one of best bars in Amsterdam. A quiet lounge area with art books and designer chairs, a basement gallery with Dutch art – if you want to bring your bachelor party to the more elegant level, you have to go there and consume some amazing, sparkly and gaudy cocktails.

10. But first, have a dinner!

Amsterdam Bachelor Party Ideas

No bachelor party can take off without an honest meal.  Fortunately, Amsterdam has plenty to choose when it comes to a pre-bachelor party lunch or dinner.

Steaks at Van Kerkwijk

Van Kerkwijk is not the most popular restaurant in Amsterdam but it is a real hidden gem. What is surprising, there is no menu – instead the waiter will recite it to you. The place is quite small but it has a nice terrace. The prices are fair but it might be a bit annoying that there is no price list. Van Kerkwijk’s most popular dish is steak but sandwiches and mackerel mousse are also worth recommending. Going back to steaks – at Van Kerkwijk you have a unique chance to try steaks served on goat cheese and topped with strawberry sauce.

Lunch at De Bakkerswinkel

De Bakkerswinkel is one of the best venues serving its own fresh bread every day. A nice-looking menu is written by hand and consists of an array of cheeses, meats and eggs. There are also delicious croissants and scones and some very good yoghurt with muesli. De Bakkerswinkel is located at Warmoesstraat.

Enjoy culinary craftsmanship at Jansz.

For men with a deep passion for elegant cuisine. Restaurant Jansz. is quite a new restaurant at the Pulitzer Hotel. It has been recently opened by Cassidy Hallman who is one of the most famous American chefs.The menu is impressive but so are the prices. But wait… it is a bachelor party after all, huh? On top of exquisite menu there are also really good drinks served in the bright garden café.

De Biertuin

I love this spot. This is more like a snack bar with beer than a restaurant but who cares. The interior is modest but unforgettable and there is an amazing patio. De Biertuin has a nice menu consisting of specialty beers. Especially local craft beers are worth trying. There are also quite good bar bites and snacks. All at very affordable prices.


Getting married does not mean your life is over. Or if so, in order to leave behind the single life properly, you should organize the best bachelor party ever. And Amsterdam is one of the cities you should considering while looking for a perfect spot for celebration. With so many activities to choose from you might be confused. However, I hope I have helped you sort things out. While choosing, the groom’s character and approach play a key role. Is he a sports fan? Does he like to party or maybe prefers to relax with a joint? Amsterdam offers plenty of amazing activities to join and some of them are impossible to do anywhere else. This makes Amsterdam memorable for everyone in the bachelor party.

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