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Where To Park in Amsterdam on Sunday? My Tips and Tricks

by Rafal Sulowski

Parking in Amsterdam is very expensive, but there are some ways to save money on parking. It’s also possible to park for free on Sunday but watch out – not everywhere. I drive in this area for 6 years already and I know where to park. Where To Park in Amsterdam on Sunday?

Parking in Amsterdam on Sunday is free. The only area where you have to pay is the city center inside the canal belt, Jordaan, Overtoom, Haarlemmerbuurt and Amsterdam Noord. After 7 pm you can park for free in Amsterdam Noord. After midnight you can park inside the canal belt for free.

In this article, I will explain to you in detail where you can park for free in Amsterdam on Sunday. I will also give you some tips and tricks about parking in Amsterdam. Driving a car in this city can be quite frustrating, so it’s better to know in advance where you park.

Where To Park in Amsterdam On Sunday?

Below I show you where you have to pay and where you can find free parking in Amsterdam on Sunday. Color on the map means that you have to pay. No color – free parking. Watch out because based on the time of the day, parking may be free or paid.

AFTER MIDNIGHT: Here you can see in purple the only area where you have to pay for the parking after midnight in Amsterdam. To be honest I’m not really sure if there is even a parking space. It’s the city center, Centraal station, Damrak.
12:00 – 19:00: Here you can see in color paid parking on Sunday, from 12:00 to 19:00. For parking in the blue zone, you pay 6 euros/hour and for parking in purple zone 7,5 euro per hour
19:00 – 24:00: From 7 pm to midnight you just have to pay for the parking in areas in color. After 7 pm parking in Amsterdam Noord is also free.

How Can I Pay For The Parking?

You pay for the parking in on-street parking meters. They look like in the picture below. You can also use an app ParkMobile or if the parking meter is damaged you can pay by calling a number displayed on the device. It’s not possible to pay by cash, you need a debit card.

Other Options: P+R Explained

P+R (Park and Ride) is the best choice if you need cheap parking in Amsterdam on any other day than Sunday. On Sunday you can easily find free parking, but if you plan to stay in Amsterdam for the whole weekend you may want to learn about P+R. It’s by far the best and the cheapest option to park in Amsterdam.

There are many indoor car parks in Amsterdam. Not all of them are P+R and surely they are much more expensive. Scroll down to see all locations on the map. In the video below I describe in detail how Park and Ride works. I decided to record a video because it can be quite complicated at first.

Amsterdam is planning to be a C02 free city by 2030. That’s why every year there are fewer parking spots in the city center. Amsterdam municipality continuously removes parking spots. Some streets are now not accessible for cars and on theses streets, they plant trees and flowers.

I created a map for you with all P+R locations. They are marked in orange color.

Parking in Amsterdam – Tips and Tricks

  1. After you park you have 5 minutes to pay for the parking. If you won’t make it in that time you may get a fine.
  2. Blue Zones – There are plenty of blue zones in Amsterdam. You can easily recognize this kind of parking by the blue lines painted on the ground. You can park there only for a certain amount of time and it’s mentioned on the sign somewhere in the area. It can be for example 2 hours. To park there you need a blue clock disc which you can buy at every petrol station. Below I uploaded a photo of Parking Disc.
  3. When parking meter is out of order you still have to pay for the parking. Find another one or you can do that by calling a number displayed on the parking meter.
Parking disc used in blue zones in the Netherlands. You can get it in supermarkets and on petrol stations. Use it in Blue Zone or you get a fine.
Most of the parking spaces in the city center look like in the picture above, but you can also find some indoor parking. There is actually quite a lot of them, but P+R is the cheapest.
There are a lot of electric car charging spots in Amsterdam. Make sure that you don’t park on these spots because you’ll get a fine.
As you can see from the photo above, there are not many parking spots in Amsterdam, unless you want to park a boat.

Is It a Good Idea to Visit Amsterdam By Car?

Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. I like traveling by car and I know how comfortable it can be. If you come only for Sunday, you can park your car wherever you want. If you come for a longer period of time you park in one of the P+R locations.

Every Year There are Less Parking Spots in Amsterdam

Every year Amsterdam municipality reduces the number of parking permits by 1500. Amsterdam isn’t a big city and 1500 is a lot. By the end o 2025, there will be 11,200 parking spots less. Amsterdam will be a C02 free town by the end of 2030. It will be only allowed to ride a bike, electric vehicles and public transport in the city center.

I like this idea in general. I only don’t like it when I search for a parking spot ;P

Sum Up

I hope this article helps. Driving in Amsterdam can be a headache, I know, but If you get used to it and you know some tips and tricks it becomes a pleasure. Amsterdam is a little city with low traffic so you can quickly get anywhere you want by car.

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