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Where To Park For Free Near Eindhoven Airport?

by Rafal Sulowski

Always when I travel, I try to find a flight from Eindhoven airport because it’s much cheaper than the airport in Amsterdam. It’s quite expensive to get there by public transport and I prefer the car, so I always park somewhere in Eindhoven for free. Fees for parking in the airport are high, so Where To Park For Free Near Eindhoven Airport?

You can park for free near Eindhoven airport in the following neighborhoods: Zonderwijk, Het Look, d’Ekker, Meerveldhoven, Veldhoven, Cobbek, Zeelst, Heikant, Djept, Muggenhol, De Kellen. Don’t park in two areas closest to the airport – Zandrijk and Grasrijk. There are not enough parking spaces.

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In this article, I will tell you more about free parking in Eindhoven. There are spots you should avoid, I have some tips and tricks for you. I will also explain to you how to get to the airport after you find your parking space. You’ll also find a link to the map where you can discover free parking spots on your own. But at the very beginning, I would like to let you know that it’s highly recommended to park a little bit further from the airport, so you won’t cause parking problems for locals living close to the airport. Keep on reading.

Where To Park For Free Near Eindhoven Airport?

Of course, many people are interested in it but I couldn’t find a clear answer on the internet. That’s why I craft this article for you. I often choose Eindhoven airport because I don’t want to waste my money on expensive airlines. I also don’t want to spend a lot of money for transportation to the airport and parking. I have never spent any money on parking in Eindhoven. I always park for free.

There are free parking areas very close to the airport. They are not official parkings, but residential areas

Veldhoven Free Parking Area

Veldhoven is a residential area with more parking spaces than Grasrijk and Zandrijk. It’s also safer. You can leave there your car for free. It’s perfectly legal. Then you can get to the airport by bus 20. Make sure that you don’t leave your car in a Blue zone. There are some blue lines on the ground. In these areas, you can leave your car only for a certain period of time, most often 2 hours.

Noord-Brabantlaan Free Parking Spot

You can also park your car for free on the other side of the A2 highway, It’s between A2 highway and the city center. From there you take a bus 401 to the airport.

BEST Free parking

Another location where you can park for free is BEST free parking and it takes 20 minutes to get from there to the airport by public transport.

Free Parking Spaces Map

On this map below you can check parking fees in Eindhoven. Link here. In yellow, there are parking spaces. You can click on one of these yellow spaces and there you find an hourly parking fee. When it comes to pricing, the maximum cost of parking per hour in Eindhoven is 6 Euro. But in most places, you find much cheaper parking. Actually, they mention 6 euro/hour on PrettigParkeren, but I couldn’t find a place with that high fees. The highest fee I found is 3,70 euro and most of the parking in the city center charge less than 2 euros.

How To Get to The Airport From Free Parking Spots?

Photo courtesy of Misanthropic One || Flickr

You can get to the airport with bus 401 which comes from Eindhoven City Center and goes regularly to the airport and it stops in each neighboorhood. These buses are adjusted for people with big luggage and most of the time they are just empty. You can get a ticket on the bus. Keep in mind that you can only pay by card. They don’t accept cash anymore. But the best option to pay for the ticket and the cheapest one at the same time is OV Card.

The cost of a ticket is minimal. It’s less than 2 euro for sure. Of course, if you pay by OV Card. If you want to buy a ticket in the bus you’ll be charged for a full ticket and this is more expensive.

There is also a shuttle bus coming to to the city center of Eindhoven and it brings you directly to the airport without stopping in each area of the city. Its number is 400.

From some areas you take a bus 20 and I mention these areas later.

Free Parking Tips and Tricks

1.Don’t park in a spot where are very little parking spaces. It’s annoying for locals, and for you, 1 or 2 bus stops don’t change anything. It’s always better to park a little bit further from the airport.

I would suggest not to park in two closest to the airport neighborhoods Zandrijk and Grasrijk.

2. Don’t leave anything valuable in cars. It’s never smart to do this, but in such areas it’s even worst idea, because people know that tourists leave there their cars for extended period of time and they don’t take everything with them.

3. Don’t forget your OV card with you

4. Don’t foget address where you park. It may be obvious but these neighborhoods are very similar and if you forget where you have parked your car it may be a pain in the ass.

Problems With Free Parking Close to Eindhoven Airport

I have never experienced any problems myself and I parked multiple times in the area close to the airport, but I heard stories of people whose cars were damaged by locals. I’ve even heard stories of local people whose cars were damaged. They didn’t park in front of their house and someone though they are tourists and damaged their car. Even though they have lived in this neighborhood for years.

Is It Safe To Park in Eindhoven Residential Areas?

As I have alread mentioned I have never had any problem. Nobody has ever damaged my car and I parked there many times. Just don’t park in the areas closest to the airport and always choose a place with many parking spaces. If you are still afraid of parking in these areas you should go for a paid parking.

Paid Parking Close to The Airport

When you park on the street for the extended period of time this may be a little stressed. You never know what can happen to your car. From my experience, nothing happens as I was parking multiple times in Eindhoven before and I’ve never had any problems. But If you prefer private parking I have done some research and below you can find a few options:

The Cheapest Parking

The cheapest private parking I could find is Renate’s parkeerplaats and you pay for it as little as 5 euro per day. There are cheaper than that but they are far away from the Airport. Link here.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is henk’s parkeerplaats because it’s very close to the airport, he brings you to the airport in his private car and he has only 5-star reviews on the internet. Here you can find a link.

If you would like to find other parking options close to the Eindhoven Airport you should read this article -> Link Here

How Much Cost a Parking in The City Center?

Parking in Eindhoven is pretty much out of charge. When you compare it to Amsterdam where I live, Eindhoven is a parking paradise. Fees are much lower and it’s easier to find a parking space. You can choose from just parking on the street, parking garages, P+R. In the city center you pay can pay 3,70 per hour and few steps from the city center prices drop to 1,20 and 1,90 per hour.

There are also some private parking in Eindhoven where you can book a spot in advance and they are pretty cheap because prices start from 3,56 euro per day. Two of them that are very close to the airport are called: Renate and the second one is called Henk.
Link to Renate Parking
Link to Henk Parking (Henk has only a few parking spots and he brings you to the airport with his own car, for the price of 8 euro per day and 55 per week it’s a pretty good choice )

About Eindhoven Airport

Photo Courtesy of Josbert Lonnee || Flickr

Eindhoven Airport has become recently a very popular destination. It’s because it is much cheaper than Amsterdam airport and it’s not that far away. For 25 euros by public transport, you can get from Eindhoven airport to the city center of Amsterdam. Not only that, Eindhoven is in the center of the Netherlands and you can get anywhere in a very short time. There are many budget airlines coming to Eindhoven. Among them are Wizz Air, Transavia, and Ryanair.

Although free parking in the neighborhoods of Eindhoven is 100% legal, it’s often not appreciated by locals, so I would like to remind you once again. Never block any other car and never park in areas where there are not enough parking spots. In Meerhoven area, there were many vandalism reports. You can be a victim of vandalism in other districts as well.

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