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What Is The Cheapest Time To Visit Amsterdam?

by Rafal Sulowski

Amsterdam is a very expensive destination and I am not surprised that people often ask for some cheap accommodation, recommended affordable eats and the cheapest time to visit Amsterdam. I would like to share my experience about prices in this city. What is the cheapest time to visit Amsterdam?

The cheapest time to visit Amsterdam is October – November, and January – February. During the low season, the prices of accommodation are the lowest. Prices are also influenced by some major events taking place in Amsterdam.

In this article, I will share with you more information that will let you take up a decision about choosing the cheapest time for you to visit Amsterdam. There is no right answer to this question. Prices of accommodation in Amsterdam are influenced by many factors, among them there are big conferences, and festivals taking place in this city. During the time of these big events prices of accommodation can go up even 3 times.

What Is The Cheapest Time To Visit Amsterdam?

As I have already mentioned the cheapest months to visit Amsterdam are October, November, January, and February. These months are a part of the so-called low season. It’s a low season because the weather can be cold, windy and rainy. Basically it is unpredictable. So if you book your holiday in Amsterdam in advance you may end up with a rainy vacation. During these months there is also a time when the weather is pretty ok.

The quarterly average daily rate of hotels in Amsterdam from 2010 to 2017 || Statista.com

On the graph above you can see the average daily hotel rate in Amsterdam. As you can see prices in Q1(January, February, March) and Q4(October, November, and December) are the lowest. Prices in Q4 are slightly higher and it is because of Christmas time and New Year’s Eve. The end of December is very expensive in Amsterdam. WHY IS AMSTERDAM SO EXPENSIVE?

On the other hand, the highest prices are in Q2(April, May, June) so spring in Amsterdam can be pricey. For example, the average price of a hotel room in Amsterdam during the spring of 2016 was 186 euros. This is quite a lot but don’t worry! There are much cheaper hotels and hostels in Amsterdam. You can find hotels I recommend in this section.

Which Of These Months Would I Recommend?

I would definitely recommend you October. During this month the weather is still quite good and often there are many sunny days. The average temperature in October is 15 degrees. You can expect some rainy days but lately, October is a very good, sunny month.

Amsterdam in this period isn’t as full of tourists as usually. There are always tourists in Amsterdam and I don’t mean it is wrong. It’s a beautiful city and it’s amazing that we have such a place. I just mean that when there are too many tourists it just loses its charming vibe. Once I went to Italy with my girlfriend. We were heading to visit Verona. When we went to Romeo and Juliet’s house it was just overwhelming… way too many people. I think it’s an amazing place but thousands of people made it quite tiring.

What Is The Average Temperature and Weather in October and November?

Average monthly sunhours in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Average monthly hours of sunshine over the year in Amsterdam

When it comes to the cheapest months in Amsterdam the most sun is in October. November can be grey and cloudy but October is still quite a sunny month.

Average min and max temperatures in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Average minimum and maximum temperature over the year in Amsterdam

In October the minimum temperature is 8*C and the maximal temperature is 14*C. Keep in mind that the Netherlands is a humid place and because of that, it feels colder than it is in reality. Another factor that influences the perceived temperature is wind. Even on a pretty warm day, when there is a strong wind, it feels cold. So if you plan to visit Amsterdam during colder months it’s important to bring some winter clothes, a scarf, a cap, and gloves.

What Clothes Should I Pack For Visiting Amsterdam in October and November?

For sure it would be good to have some waterproof clothes. You can also ask for an umbrella in your hotel. If you don’t have any waterproof clothes just get a throwaway raincoat. Definitely bring gloves, a scarf, a cap, gloves. Sometimes it may be warm and sometimes cold so the best solution is to wear many layers. Waterproof shoes would be also highly recommended.

What is Better, October or November in Amsterdam?

October is a month of Halloween and this year parties were taking place for 3 weeks. Literally, two weeks before Halloween I’ve seen already people in their costumes. One week after Halloween Día de Muertos, a Mexican Day of the Death was celebrated. November is a time when Amsterdam blaze with thousands of lights. The Netherlands gets ready for Christmas time and Amsterdam Light Festival starts. I would say that any month has its special vibe in Amsterdam. This city is never boring. When it comes to prices they are similar in both months, the weather is slightly better in October. In November you can feel already winter freezing air, yeah, it gets quite cold.

What Are Some Cheap Good Hotels in Amsterdam?

The biggest factor influencing the hotel price is the location. The closer to the city center the more expensive accommodation gets. But even in the city center, you can find some cheap hostels. Below you can find our articles with recommended cheap hotels and hostels in Amsterdam.


Tips and Tricks To Save Some Money in Amsterdam

To Visit Amsterdam on a budget you will need at least 40-80 euros per day. Accommodation costs as little as 12 euros per day if you choose to go for hostels. If you use accommodation sharing services such as Couchsurfing you can survive in Amsterdam for only 20 euros a day. Visiting Amsterdam on a budget is a challenging task because Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

  2. Go for a Free Walking Tour
  3. Walk Around – Amsterdam City Center is small and you can get anywhere within 45 minutes.
  4. Join a free evening in Mezrab
  5. Visit some cool parks
  6. Join MeetUps
  7. Find some other cheap things to do in Amsterdam on the list I created here.

Cheap Flights To Amsterdam

If you search for a cheap flight to Amsterdam you can find much cheaper flights to nearby airports. I suggest you Eindhoven and Maastricht. Cheap airlines that fly to the Netherlands are Ryanair, Transavia, Wizzair.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Amsterdam?

It depends on what would you like to see. If you want to visit Keukenhof and see blooming tulip fields the best time to visit Amsterdam is in late April. On the 27th of April takes place a King’s day, a Dutch National holiday. Amsterdam Light Festival starts in November. Gay Pride is in August. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO VISIT THE NETHERLANDS? Here you can find a detailed list of events taking place in the Netherlands so you can take up a decision when you would like to visit Amsterdam.

Wrap Up

So among the cheapest months, the best one would be October. The weather is still pretty good and during this time many events take place in Amsterdam. If you manage to book some good and at the same time affordable hotel you can organize your Amsterdam travel on a budget. Please contact me if you have any questions about visiting Amsterdam!

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