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Is There a Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Airport?

by Rafal Sulowski

When your plane is about to land at Schiphol, that is an Amsterdam Airport, I bet all you can think of is how Amsterdam is a party capital. And maybe you’d like to start the party right on the spot and been wondering whether there’s a coffeeshop at the very airport?

At Amsterdam Airport itself, there is no coffeeshop. However, you can find a few, for example, Coffeeshop Superfly or Coffeeshop Ruthless Amsterdam that are located in the proximity to the airport. It is possible to visit one of these coffeeshops even about 50 minutes after landing in Amsterdam.

So there’s the good news. There are coffeeshops in Amsterdam outside the Schiphol Airport, and you can get to them from the airport in no time! I’ll tell you all about how to find them, and throw in some general info about coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Weed Amsterdam Airport
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Coffeshops Closest To The Amsterdam Airport

So now let’s go for the most important part – where you can find the nearest coffeeshop, if not at the Amsterdam Airport itself? Basically, you have three options – go for the closest place possible, ride a bit farther to reach some more coffeeshops, or try to get right into the heart of the things.

1. Coffeeshop Superfly

That is the place always mentioned as the nearest to the Schiphol Airport. True enough, as you can get there in about 25 minutes. You just need to take a train from Schiphol and go to Hoofddorp Station. Then catch a bus and go to the stop Hoofddorp, Geniedijk. From there you have to go by foot just for a few minutes, and you’re there!
The place is highly recommended, as it is huge with a good choice of weed and friendly budtenders.

Address: Kruisweg 1043, 2131 CS Hoofddorp

If you’d rather have more then one place to choose from, you can take the train from Schiphol and get to Amsterdam Lelylaan Station. From there, take a tram to Corantijnstraat stop. That way you’re going to get yourself into an area with a wider choice of coffeeshops, for example:

2. Coffeeshop Nieuw

The place is nice, comfortable and fairly priced. The décor is also interesting – often described as “a bit artsy, a bit funky” whatever that means. The menu is quite impressive, and you can always count on helpful budtenders when you cannot choose by yourself.

Address: Hoofdweg 226, 1057 DG Amsterdam

3. Coffeeshop Ruthless Amsterdam

One of the best things you can point out when it comes to this place is the opening hours. Coffeeshops, in general, tend to be opened around 10 am or 12 am. Here you have a spot you can pop in from 7 am till 1 am. Good thing to remember!

Address: Hoofdweg 174, 1057 DC Amsterdam

4. Boerejongens Coffeeshop

Is there A coffeeshop on amsterdam Airport

One of four Boerejongens’ coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The brand is known for the good quality of weed, so it would be a wise choice when you’re not a seasoned smoker. As you’re not in the very centre of the city, the prices are really good.

In addition to all the above, Schiphol Airport is quite conveniently connected with the city centre. It means that you can easily go by train straight to the Central Station and start the party going. It can be only 20 minutes from Schiphol anyway!

Address: Bonairestraat 78, 1058 XL Amsterdam

Things to know & Useful tips

Is there A coffeeshop on amsterdam Airport
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1. Cannabis isn’t Legal in the Netherlands

Possessing cannabis in the Netherlands is not legal. It is decriminalized, which means that the law forces turn a blind eye when you buy weed in certain places and use it only for personal purposes.

2. Maximum 5 Grams

You can only buy 5 grams of cannabis per one day, and this is the “safe” amount that will keep you out of trouble should the need arise. The truth is when you come to a coffeeshop no one will ask you how much you’ve bought already or anything like that. It is all up to you if you decide to be responsible or not.

3. Budtender Speaks The Truth

When you enter a coffeeshop, the first thing you’ll see is the counter. That is where you buy the weed, and you can see the strains and prices written on a menu. The names are often more creative than informative, so even if you are seasoned smoker, it’s best to ask a budtender for a recommendation. He will be the one person who knows the stuff and can give you what you really want.

4. If You Smoke For The First Time, Read This

If you’re about to try smoking weed for the first time make sure you tell that to the budtender as well! He will offer you some mild strains so you can enjoy your first joint without any unpleasant surprises. But still, don’t smoke it all at once, give yourself time. It’s all about relaxing and having a good time after all!

5. Always Have Your ID With You

In the coffeshops only adults can buy weed (in some places you have to be over 18, in others – over 21 years old), so make sure you have your ID with you when you start looking for a coffeeshop.
Last important detail: in many places, you can only pay with cash so take some Euros with you as well.

Can You Visit a Coffeeshop On a Layover?

Remembering that Amsterdam is the best place for a party is a pleasant thought, as long as you get to stay in Amsterdam long enough to enjoy all the possibilities this city can give you. But what if you’re in Amsterdam only for an hour or two? Is it possible to – for example – find a coffeeshop at the airport and smoke weed in it?

Theoretically, it is possible, but you will need about 4-5 hours and then some. The process of getting out and back to the airport can always be longer than expected.

So, the situation may be that you won’t have much time for your trip to the coffeeshop and back to the airport. That is why you should be prepared and know what you can expect.But remember, that you won’t be able to take the weed with you on a plane. You should know that it’s illegal and may land you in real trouble. That’s why you shouldn’t buy all that you can – 1 gram will give you about two decent joints. Unless you’re about to stay for the night at the airport, I guess you won’t have time to smoke more than this.
It will be best if you stick to buying one or two joints. You can buy the weed and roll one yourself (you should find the grinder and free papers in the coffeeshop, so you don’t need to trouble yourself with such technicalities). Or you can buy a pre-rolled joint and have one thing less to do.

Can you smoke weed at Amsterdam Airport?

If you’re afraid you won’t make it back on time, you may want to try to go to the coffeeshop just to buy the weed and not to smoke it there. The law is clear about smoking outside coffeeshops, unfortunately.  It is not legal to smoke outside coffeeshops and even when you are just walking down the street smoking your joint peacefully, you may get a ticket.

The smoking outside situation is even more tricky when it comes to smoking at the airport.

Schiphol is the “tobacco smoking only” zone, so you should not even think about smoking inside in the lounges set for cigarettes’ smoking men. For those who prefer to smoke in the fresh air, there are also zones for smokers outside the airport’s building.

So, you are not allowed to smoke weed at the Amsterdam Airport but if you are going there straight after your visit to a coffeeshop, you don’t have to worry too much about the smell that can stick to you after you’re done. It’s not illegal to smell like marihuana while boarding the plane. Just remember not to take any with you, and you should be more than fine.

Of course, you should only do such thing as smoking just before entering the airport if you are a functional smoker. If not, or if you just don’t know it yet, it may not end well. Unless of course you are not travelling alone and are with someone that will make sure you find your ID, passport, ticket and boarding pass when needed. The same goes for the edibles. Even more so, because the effect of eating a space cake is more unpredictable and can hit you even an hour after eating it.

Related questions:

Can I buy other drugs in the coffeeshop near Amsterdam Airport? No, there is no such option. In the coffeeshops, you can only buy weed. Other soft drugs, like hallucinogenic mushrooms, are now forbidden along with hard drugs, like cocaine. However, you can ask about paddos in the so-called “smart shop” they sometimes sell not such powerful ones.
Can I take some space cake on a plane? No, you are not allowed to do that. Taking any kind of drugs, including space cakes and cannabis brownies is strictly forbidden. You can read some stories about people who did such things and everything went OK, but it’s just not worth the risk.

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