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How To Get Rid of Space Cake Effects

by Rafal Sulowski

I work in a hotel in Amsterdam and I see often people who overdose cannabis edibles. I am not an expert but they ask me how to get rid of space cake effects or they come up with some ridiculous solutions. As we talk I realize they have never had a weed in their life but now they’ve got drunk and ate a big space cake. Definitely not a good idea.

How To Get Rid Of Space Cake Effects? I am sorry to say but it won’t stop immediately. It’s almost the same like with alcohol. Your body needs some time to fight inflammation.  There are some ways to lessen THC overdose effects. Among them are: exercise, stay hydrated, cold shower, sleep, CBD oil. 

How to get rid of space cake effects?
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I write this article to make you aware of space cake effects, give you some tips and tricks, and tell you what to do when you have a space cake bad trip. The most important thing you should keep in mind after reading this article is that you should be careful with weed edibles as they can be extremely strong even for regular cannabis users.

How To Get Rid Of Space Cake Effect?

Ok, let’s say that it is too late and you have already eaten too much space cake. The only way out is through it and you shouldn’t worry because your body is in the process of cleansing and with each hour you are going to feel better. Within 6-8 hours you’ll be fine. What can you do to feel now better or accelerate the cleansing process?


That works well for me and I have heard from others that it works for them as well. You can even go for a run. But if that is too intense for you, just go for a walk, breath deeply. Take a bottle of water with you, because it’s crucial to stay hydrated.


CBD oil balances psychoactive levels of THC and it can end a paranoia. You can get CBD in healthy food shops in Amsterdam or get it online. Read about CBD because it has many health-promoting effects. Don’t go for the cheapest option. If you do, the results won’t be very noticeable. Unfortunately, in this world we have to pay for quality and CBD oil can be pretty expensive. You should look for high %CBD oil.

Cold Shower

You can’t ignore the power of cold showers. It has a great influence on your body and mind, as well as it can help you with a bad trip. A cold shower will wake you up and stop a negative cycle. It dissolves tension in your body and it makes you feel more relaxed what’s crucial in this state.  If you are not into cold showers don’t go too extreme, 30 seconds of the cold shower should be enough. Btw. I encourage you to learn more about cold showers as they have many health benefits.

Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water, because water is crucial in the process of cleansing and it can speed up these processes in your body.


Possibly the best way to deal with edibles overdose. Just go to sleep and when you wake up you should feel much better. During sleep, our body has time for recovery. That’s why when you try new things such as cannabis it is wise to try this at home. Being at home allow you to have a shower, go to sleep whenever you want to. On the other hand being at home, only with your friend make you feel comfortable.

Can Sugar Stop Cannabis Effects?

There is no research confirming this thesis. Many people claim that sugar can stop a bad trip, but from my experience, this isn’t a truth. Actually, if your blood sugar isn’t stable it can make things worst. It’s because sugar is going to cause a spike in your insulin levels and in fact, you feel good for a short amount of time but then insulin levels fall very low and you feel a decrease in your energy level. I would suggest to eat something that will keep your blood sugar stable.

If you search now for lessons about cannabis it’s a little bit too late. But still, if you would like to learn more about cannabis and coffeeshops I recommend you to go for a coffeeshop tour with a friend of mine – Otto. This guy lives in Amsterdam and I don’t think there is anyone else who knows more than him about coffeeshops, weed and red light district. You can learn more about his tour here.

How NOT To Overdose Cannabis Edibles?

How To Get Rid OF Cannabis Edibles?
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If you are planning to try cannabis edibles you must keep in mind that they can be extremely strong. First of all, if you have never had a joint, just don’t eat anything that contains THC. That’s a piece of very good advice from uncle Rafal. You can read some forum on the internet where people share their experiences with first-time use of weed edibles. If you want to try it for the first time, 1 space cake is enough for 4 people and it may take up to 2 hours before you feel anything.

It doesn’t have to end up bad, just be careful with it.

Planning Ahead – Guide For first-time Users


Be aware of cannabis edible strength and don’t pretend you are a party boy. Doesn’t matter how strong or experienced you are, a space cake can hit you much harder than you expect. If you want to try edibles and have a good time, just start slowly. Better increase in intake than eat too much at first and have a problem. Edibles as all drugs work differently for each of us. Your friend may feel nothing and you can be wasted after eating the same amount of cannabis edible. I would say it is the same as with alcohol.

Eat Something First

When you decide to try a space cake it is important that you have a full stomach. First, eat something heavy and then only you can try a space cake. If you eat a space cake on an empty stomach it will go directly into your bloodstream. Remember that by eating cannabis, much more of THC gets into your system. That’s why you should eat something beforehand. Keep in mind that when you have a full stomach, digestion takes longer and you wait longer for cannabis effect. It may take up to 2 hours before you feel anything.

How Long Does a Space Cake Lasts?

For sure space cake effects last much longer than joint effects. You are going to feel the effects of edible for the next 6 – 8 hours, exactly as long your digestion last. For each person it is different, right? When it comes to edibles effects can be unpredictable and it can hit you after a half hour. You don’t feel anything for 2 hours and then all of a sudden you are extremely high.

Never Combine Space Cake with Alcohol or Other Drugs

Effects of space cakes are strong by itself, so just don’t try combining these effects with other psychoactive substances. From my experience when you get stoned and then you have a beer you feel just fine. I mean after you feel high of weed. But if you are already drunk and then you have some weed it makes you extremely wasted. Avoid combining alcohol or any other drug with edibles.

When Am I Going To Feel Good Again?

I have read on one of the forums on the Internet that a guy had 2 drops of CBD 3 months ago and he still feels stoned…  Ok… Bullshit. After 6-8 hour you will be just fine. To make it clear. Small amounts of THC will stay in your body for up to 1 month but you won’t feel high after 8 hours. Even withing 3 months THC is going to be detectable in your body, but when it comes to high, don’t worry, it goes away quick.

For How Long THC Stay In Your Body and Urine?

THC is detectable in your bloodstream for 24 hours and in urine for up to 7 days. As I mentioned before it all depends on your body, mind, metabolism, digestion. This answer is for people who use cannabis only once because when you use weed regularly it will take more time before weed gets out of your body.

How Long Edibles Are Detectable in Drug Test?

It all depends on the quality of the drug test because a professional test is going to be much more precise than at home basic kit. It also depends on how much cannabis you had and as I mentioned above, each person is different, we have different metabolism. That’s why it is difficult to say how long THC is going to be detectable on Drug Test. To give you an idea I can just say that in your blood THX can be detected for 24 hours, in Urine up to 90 days if you are a heavy user and in hair also up to 90 days.

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