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Everything About English Stand Up Comedy in Amsterdam

by Rafal Sulowski

The Comedy standup scene in Amsterdam is already huge and it is continuously, strongly expanding. There are events happening almost every day. You can go for standup shows or take part in workshops, improvisations, and open mic sessions. Of course, you can join shows that are in Dutch, but the vast majority of Comedy Shows in Amsterdam are in English.

Amongst the best venues for English StandUp Comedy in Amsterdam are Mezrab, Boom Chicago and Comedy Cafe. Well-known comedy Group is Comedy Embassy. Other Cool English Speaking Comedy Shows are The Weird Uncle Comedy Show and RadionGaga Stand-up. Entrance is max 15 Euro but often it’s free(donation based)

In this article, I will try to cover the topic of Comedy Scene in Amsterdam. You will find information about Standup shows, comedy groups, comedy venues, storytelling, how to learn standup and I will link websites with current programma. Let’s dive right into the world of laugh and fun. Enjoy!


If you follow my blog you already know that Mezrab is very close to my heart and it’s my favorite spot in Amsterdam. It’s because of Mezrab atmoshpere, its culture of storytelling just for the sake of doing this. I like that they don’t run this place for profits, although they could because this venue is getting more and more popular. Sometimes they won’t even let people in because it is so packed. On the other hand there are also days where you enjoy performances only with a small group of people, so everything depends on the event, day of the week and performers.


Mezrab is more about storytelling, dance, and music but there are also standup events. Every first Saturday of the month there is a comedy night.

I’ve attended this event a few times and I must admit it’s a great portion of fun. If you are planning to join this show, keep in mind to come early, because there is a limited amount of seats and sometimes there are so many people that they don’t let everybody in. This is the only standup event in Mezrab when you have to pay an entrance fee. ( only 5 Euro )

Check Mezrab website for a current program – Link Here
Also don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter so you are up to date.

Boom Chicago

Photo Courtesy of Boom Chicago || Facebook Profile

This article is about Comedy in Amsterdam. Boom Chicago is on this list because they organize a few times a year, one of the best comedy shows in Amsterdam. You should know that this is only a little part of what they do. You can find an agenda here and check when is the next comedy event – LINK HERE

What Else in Boom Chicago?

  • Escape Rooms – Probably you know an idea of this kind of an attraction, but I will explain shortly. You are locked in the room and there are some, clues, tasks, puzzles to be solved and you have 1 hour to find a way out of the room. If you don’t – you die… ;p no, I am joking, of course, nothing happens, you just go out after one hour, but the goal is to go out before the end of the time. Escape room in Boom Chicago is in Movies mood and it is called Escape Through The Movies
  • Boom Chicago Shows – Their shows are about improvisation, music, comedy, video and much more. They run their own theater and perform there but also externally and internationally. Check the Agenda.
  • Boom Academy – In Boom Academy, you can learn improvisation, performing on the stage and how to create presentations.

There are even more events organized by Boom Chicago, so go to their page and explore the world of performance and improvisation.

Comedy Cafe

Comedy Cafe is a venue opened in 1994 for stand-up comedy. For over 25 years there are multiple shows happening here each and every week. 4 times a week you can watch a show organized by Amsterdam top comedy group called Comedy Embassy, but more about this group later on. In Comedy Cafe there are open mic nights and stand-ups. If you are into standups that’s a must go place in Amsterdam.

You can check the agenda on their website. Link Here. Entrance most of the time costs 15 – 18 Euro. Comedy Cafe is close to Amsterdam Central Station – it’s only 10 minutes walk away.

Address: Ijdok 89, 1013 MM Amsterdam

My Weird Uncle Comedy Show

There are Comedy Shows popping up everywhere. But we are looking for special ones, right? That’s why I would like to recommend to you “My Weird Uncle”!!
It’s a pretty new event (1 year old – birthday in April) organized by Sharon and it takes place in 3 different locations: Wijnbar Paulus, Vice Versa, Huis Van Ieamand Anders.
The current agenda can be found on their facebook profile – link here
Follow their profile to be up to date with upcoming events.

Entrance is free!!

RadionGaga Stand-Up

RadionGaga is a little Stand-up show which takes place in an industrial bar/cafe Radion. You can get here some good food and drinks. They offer pizza, burgers, salads and soups. It’s a cool, small event and it makes you feel very comfortable. There are no crowds so you can get drunk and nobody knows. The more you get drunk, the funnier comedians are – true story ^^

For a current agenda you should check their facebook profile – Link Here

Comedy Embassy

Photo Courtesy of The Comedy Embassy || Facebook Profile

What is the Comedy Embassy? The Comedy Embassy is a comedy show which takes place in 3 different locations I already mentioned in this article: Comedy Cafe, Boom Chicago, De Prael Houthavens. This crew is the highest rated Comedy Group in The Netherlands on Tripadvisor and I know why.

The group consist of 3 comedians Tim van ‘t Hul, Kor Hoebe, Pauly Russell and you can see their performance almost 20 times a week in different locations.

Check their website for current agenda – Link Here


On the website www.comedyin.amsterdam/ you can find a weekly plan of comedy in Amsterdam. There is information about events, time, prices, etc. For most of the events, you won’t pay more than 15 Euro. Actually, some shows are free, donation based. I encourage you to support organizers with little donations because only thanks to this they can run these events. There are also some shows where popular comedians are invited and for this, you must pay more.

Comedy in Dutch

If you are a local guy, who didn’t get good grades in English, maybe you prefer a comedy in Dutch. Then you should get to know Toomler and Comedy Train. Toomler is a theatre cafe where Comedy Train comedians perform. It’s a very nice cafe with a podium like you can see in movies. You can have some snacks, drinks and it’s always a surprise who is performing.

Here you can check their current agenda. There is also an open stage evening so you can challenge yourself and check you skills.

Another place for a Dutch Comedy is DeKleineKomedie. On this website, you can learn more about DeKleineKomedie.

Storytelling School

I mention the MEZRAB before. You should know that they organize storytelling courses. They offer a 3 days course where you can learn basics of storytelling. You learn basic techniques, how to create a story and how to perform in an engaging way.

Course takes 3 days, 5,5 hours each day and it costs 250 Euro. The course is in English but if you want you can also tell your story in Dutch.

The course I mention above is basic training, but Mezrab organizes also advanced courses. You can learn more about them on their website – Link Here

Amsterdam Storytelling Capital of the World

Boldly said, right? Maybe, but I will explaining why I say so. I have read recently a blog posts written by Sahand Sahebdivani, a guy who established Mezrab ( Here you can read original article ) where he mention storytelling events happening in Amsterdam

  1. Every year they organize a storytelling festival which take place in Amsterdam for overt a decade. ( Link to storytelling festival website ) Every year this event brings to Amsterdam storytellers from all around the world.
  2. Every month only in Mezrab there are 15 storytelling events
  3. There is a school where you can learn storytelling.

Sum Up

Yup, yup, as you can see there is the whole army of comedians and storytellers in Amsterdam and they won’t give up. Step up, take part in this great culture. Maybe you even fall in love with storytelling or standup and you start performing. I encourage you to do this. If you have any question please contact me or leave a comment below.

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