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4 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Houseboat in Amsterdam

by Rafal Sulowski

Amsterdam is a city of canals, bridges, bicycles and gorgeous architecture. The houseboats are a part of the city since a very long time. So, why not experience this beautiful place by staying on a houseboat? I’m sure such an adventure will make you fall in love with Amsterdam immediately. The average price of renting a houseboat is actually similar to the price of hotels and apartments. However, there are some questions raised every time houseboats are discussed. Here’s the truth about Amsterdam’s houseboats revealed – enjoy!

Is there a Chance I’ll Get Sick on a Houseboat?

Motion sickness has raised many questions when it comes to renting a houseboat. Many people who usually get sick in the back seats of a car wonder if they have chances to get sick on a houseboat. However, the answer is quite simple: no movement, no seasickness. Houseboats in Amsterdam are moored. Thus, movement is minimal and kind of therapeutic. Of course, there are some canals that are busier than others but in general, they are safe for those suffering from motion sickness. The boats hardly move, even with severe winds, because they’re very heavy. They are not affected by waves too much. This is why chances of getting sick on an Amsterdam’s houseboat are pretty much zero.

How to Find a Houseboat to Rent?

Be aware that you should always try to use an agent instead of looking for a houseboat on your own. Never use any with a bad reputation. The easiest option is to use Bookahouseboat.com, probably the most popular service when it comes to houseboat rental service. There are many websites specifically dedicated to houseboat rental, but this is the one I have a good experience with, so I can recommend it.

You should also explore their website – Link Here. It’s always good to read some reviews about potential accommodation. And, for those who haven’t been using this website, you can book directly through them.

Does It Matter Where the Boat Is Located?

Yes. It’s crucial. Even if your houseboat floats. Location is the number one criterion. There are lots of great areas in the city but it’s always best to find something central. However, is the city center the best choice? You probably imagine yourself floating through the picturesque canals (like the narrow ones in Jordaan area) but if so, you should get prepared for the noise. The center of Amsterdam can be really raucous. Maybe it’s a good option to consider a houseboat a bit outside of the center? There are many of them, still close enough to walk anywhere. And if you’re staying longer than a few days, you can rent a bike or use public transport. To me, the Amstel River or the Prinsengracht canal are the best places to stay in.

Can I Take My Kids on a Boat?

Amsterdam is one of the best cities considered as a holiday destination. It’s kid-friendly and there are so many things to do for families, no matter the age of the children. If you are a good swimmer, there’s no need to be nervous about being on the boat with your children. Amsterdam’s houseboats are very safe in general, some of them have safety railings on the decks. There are even some boat companies particular about the age of kids and their ability to swim. If you supervise your kids, your boat trip will be safe and entertaining. Just think about the views, the ducks and other boats passing by. Your kids will love it!

A Quick Final Word

As a foreigner, I have to admit that renting a houseboat can be one of the best options of where to stay in Amsterdam. Watching canal life go by is one of the most unforgettable experience one can have in the city. In fact, I consider inhabiting a houseboat in Amsterdam.

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