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Is Amsterdam a Romantic City?

by Rafal Sulowski

Amsterdam is a city of breathtaking architecture, great food, and internationalism. It’s also an amazing party destination. It’s full of amazing clubs and bars. But couples traveling to Amsterdam often ask if Amsterdam is a Romantic City?

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic places in the world. With its romantic canals, narrow streets and ginger houses it’s one of the favorite couple’s destination. Amsterdam is a charming, fairytale city with a glimpse of modern attractions perfect for a romantic adventure.

Amsterdam is lovely and magical. In my opinion, it’s a great honeymoon destination. I this article I will share with you some romantic things to do in Amsterdam. I will also recommend you the most romantic place to stay. If you wonder what is the best time to visit Netherlands I encourage you to read an article written by Micaela.

Blue Amsterdam

Blue Amsterdam is a rooftop restaurant with a 360 view of the city. The best view is on the second floor. If you are fit it’s fun to climb it all the way to the top, but there is also an elevator. It’s open every day until 18:30 and on Thursday 21pm. They serve great food and delicious coffee. One of my favorite spots for a date.

Geitenboerderij De Ridammerhoeve

It’s a truly playful and fun place. Geitenboerderij De Ridammerhoeve is a goat farm located in the middle of Amsterdam Forest(Amsterdamse Bos) You can feed little goats, they walk all over the place. If you don’t give them milk they try to eat your clothes ;p It’s not that easy to get there so I would suggest you getting there by bike. It’s fun on a sunny day but I would skip it when it’s raining.

Photo by PabloEvans || Flickr

Canal Boat Tour

That’s a lazy and cool date idea. You can go for a regular canal cruise and they are fine. But I recommend a canal cruise with Carl. It’s a private canal cruise with a local guy. They provide unlimited alcoholic & nonalcoholic drinks: beer, wine. It’s pricey but worth it. Generally I like idea of withlocals.com because these tours are more personal and personalized.

Amsterdam Canal Tour

Pathe Tuschinski

They say it’s the most beautiful cinema in the world. I don’t know if it’s the most beautiful but it’s definitely stunning. If you go there, keep in mind that you want to visit Grote Zaal! It’s main, the most beautiful screening room. Small ones aren’t that impressive. It’s build in Art Deco style and it looks quite differently inside than outside.

Theater Tuschinski Art Deco Style || PHOTO BY FRED ROMERO || FLICKR

Cafe Crawl

One of my favorite date things is visiting cafes in Canal Ring. There are plenty of good ones, just go for a walk and find your secret place. I mentioned already a Blue Amsterdam. If you go to Amsterdam Noord there is a nice romantic, vegetarian restaurant called Cafe De Ceuvel. Close to Leidseplein there is one of my favorites Back To Black.

Photo by Mikail Duran


So here it is – advice from a local guy – don’t go to floating flower market ;P Of course, you can if you want to get some souvenirs such as markets, but floating flowers market isn’t something you imagine. It’s just a regular market and what’s more important it’s a tourist trap. If you want to have a truly romantic experience you should go for Tulip fields. I’ve written an article on when can you see tulips in Amsterdam.

The Most Romantic Place to Stay

If you are on the budget I would like to recommend a romantic quiet studio on the canal. It’s one of my favorite B&B in Amsterdam. It’s close to the city center, in a walking distance. This studio is located right next to the canal! Another option is luxurious and pricey but definitely worth checking out Breitner House.

Live Music

There are many places known for live music in Amsterdam. My favorites is The Mulligans – Irish bar located in Rembrandtplein. 4 times a week they have live Irish music. Another one is called Waterhole – on Leidseplein. The entrance cost 3 euros and the beer is pricey but it’s a fun place. From both of these bars, you can go for a party crawl, there are plenty of clubs and bars around.

A Video from one evening in The Mulligans

Katten Cafe Kopjes

If your girlfriend likes animals you must definitely go to Katten Cafe Kopjes. It’s a little cafe, where you can enjoy a piece of red velvet cake in a companion of 8 cats. Watch out! One of them is very clever and he tries to steal your cake. The thing is that this cat is diabetic and it’s not allowed to feed him ;p It’s funny. Definitely a place worth visiting. They have some cat related board games, magazines, books and plenty other things to do.

Photo Courtesy of KattenCafe Kopjes || http://www.kattencafekopjes.nl/

Go To The Seaside for Sushi

I am a sushi lover and one of the best sushi I’ve ever eaten was in Zizo, Zandvoort. When you get there it is not really appealing, because it’s located in the hotel on the ground floor, the entrance is quite odd, but then you enter restaurant with a view on the see and they serve a great food!

Watch A Sunset in Zandvoort

Zandvoort is located very close to Amsterdam. It’s only half an hour by train. It has a wide beach and some cool bars and restaurants.

Zandvoort || Photo Courtesy of Udo Geisler Flickr

Be Lazy And Order Some Food

When I work in the hotel I am very often asked about the best delivery service in Amsterdam. I always recommend thuisbezorgd. It’s probably the biggest food delivery service in the Netherlands and it gathers many restaurants, so you can basically order anything you want, pizza, chinese food or burgers.

Jenever Tasting

Wynand Fockink is the best place to try Jenever. The bartender shows you the traditional way of drinking this Dutch delicacy. I like that Wynand Fockink still keeps its 17th-century character. They also serve very unique spirits that taste for example like apple pie or mint with chocolate 😉

Jordaan and 9 Streets

This is my favorite area of the city. If I could afford it I would move there tomorrow. It’s also the most romantic place in Amsterdam. You should go there in the evening. Jordaan looks magical when it’s illuminated by all the streetlights. There are some evening tours organized in the Jordaan area. I can recommend this one. It’s a great start of an unforgettable night 😉

A’DAM Lookout

It’s definitely cool to get there but it’s quite pricey, especially if you go there to the restaurant and you try out a swing. Instead of A’DAM Lookout, I would go to Blue Amsterdam.

See Amsterdam in a Carriage

Apart of canal cruise or a bus tour there is another interesting option – horse carriage. You can reserve it by calling the number +31 6 24607426.

Don’t Go To Red Light District

Why would you go with your beloved one to Red Light? 🙂 ok, maybe you want to visit together one of the ladies, but if you don’t, I tell you that it will be both confusing and you’ll both feel weird.

A Romance Needs a Dance

Do you remember a time that you’ve got to know each other? The emotion was like a fire, right? So, as you are in the party capital of Europe you should party 😉 I wouldn’t really stick to one place. If you crawl from one place to another you keep a good vibe and you don’t get bored. 1 date feels more like a few dates. The best places to start a party crawl are Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Don’t look for any specific place. There are plenty good clubs so just look for something that you like 😉

Amsterdam Date Ideas and Places to Visit

I’ve written an article, with some cool Date Ideas in Amsterdam. You can find it here! 😉 You know what’s romantic in the Netherlands? All these little cities around Amsterdam. I really like Delft, but it’s a bit further from Amsterdam. It takes 1 hour to get there. There is another city, only 20 minutes from Amsterdam that is also very Romantic – Haarlem. It’s one of the most beautfiul spots in Holland.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of romantic things to do in Amsterdam, but I wouldn’t stick to Amsterdam. I think the most romantic place in the Netherlands is Giethorn. It’s truly a fairytale town, without roads and cars. Here you can read more about Giethorn.

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