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A Complete Guide to Free WiFi in Amsterdam

by Maja Świątnicka

Amsterdam is probably one of the most modern and at the same time most often visited European cities. This is why visitors and tourists expect the city to be well connected with free WiFi. No surprises! Free WiFi hotspots abound in Amsterdam. They exist all over the city.

Most accommodations, clubs, bars, restaurants, and museums in the city offer free WiFi for their guests. Most major hubs of transportation (including the airport and railway stations) also have WiFi. Also, there is free WiFi in some parks (Westerpark and Oosterpark) in Amsterdam.

As you can see, finding a free WiFi network in Amsterdam is a snap. In the article, you’ll find some exact addresses where you can surf free of charge – both cafes and public places. In some of them, you don’t even need a password to log into the network. I’ve also provided you with some data about the apps that will help you find free WiFi nearby.

Free WiFi in Amsterdam Cafes    

Amsterdam is full of free WiFi internet cafes. In order to start surfing, you just need to ask someone from the staff to give you a password. In the table below you will find some checked and recommended free WiFi hotspot addresses all over the city. Some of them also offer power plugs. Enjoy!

Name Address
Vapiano Oosterdokskade 145, 1011 DL
Nightbar the Bottle Oudebrugsteeg 25, 1012 JN
CoffeeCompany Harlemmerdijk 62, 1013 JE
Bagels&Beans Raadhuistraat 18, 1016 DE
Vrouwencafe Saarein Elandstraat 119, 1016 RX
Bagels&Beans Kaizersgracht 504, 1017 EJ
De Balie Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR
Edel Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT
Bagels&Beans Parnassusweg 218, 1076 AV
Bagels&Beans Ruyschstraat 52, 1091 CD
De Ysbreeker Weesperzijde 23, 1091 EC
Café Studio K Timorplein 62, 1094 CC
Dauphine Prins Berhardplein 175, 1097 BL
Public Library Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL
Irish Pub The Tara Rokin 85, 1012 KL
Park Plaza Victoria Hotel Damrak 1-5, 1012 LG
Strand-West Stavangerweg 900, 1013 AX
De Espressofabriek Gosschalklaan7, 1014 DC
Palladium Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 7, 1017 RP
Café De Zuid Azartplein 2a, 1019 PD
Café Sportpark Jan van Galenstraat 132, 1056 CG
Café Blauwe Engel Strawinskylaan 1, 1077 KW

As you can see, Bagels&Beans locations are number 1 when it comes to free WiFi. Isn’t it a perfect place for you to enjoy your first Amsterdam-style breakfast? If you’re wondering what to try first, check my list of the most popular Dutch breakfasts.

Some of Amsterdam’s museums also offer free WiFi connections. Did you know that many museums there are free? Here’s a full list!

Public Places With Free WiFi in Amsterdam

Time to reveal my favorite public spots with free WiFi. These are parks, breweries and just popular city spots. Each of them provides guests with free WiFi, no password required. There are six of them I could definitely call the best ones in Amsterdam.


Address: Haarlemmerweg

Probably the best park in the city. You walk there for hours, enjoying picnics, bars, galleries and so much more, especially in the Westergas cultural complex. The park is close to the city center and the neighborhood is quite lively. Make sure you visit some independent shops and old-school markets. There are also culinary fairs, huge dance events and food trucks occasionally. With free WiFi, Westerpark has it all!

Brouwerij’t IJ

Address: Funenkade 7 (Zeeburgerpad)

A real must-visit while in Amsterdam. Brouwerij’t IJ (or just The IJ Brewery in English) is one of the small local breweries in Amsterdam. The brewery is situated in a former bathhouse, right next to the De Gooyer windmill. It was opened in 1985. Currently, The IJ Brewery has usually around eight standard beers, as well as three seasonal beers. On top of that, there are occasional limited-edition beers to try. The place is usually quite crowded but WiFi works fine and their beers… They are just unique. The brewery also has the second location – in the Vondelpark opened last year.

The American Book Center

Address: Spui 12

An independent English-language book store situated in the center of the city. It’s been an institution for more than 40 years now.  The store has three floors connected by a huge tree in the middle which looks just amazing. Besides books (and free WiFi) they also offer postcards, board games, stationery, etc. Nothing is better than sitting in their Coffee Corner sipping a hot beverage. You can just spend hours surfing online or reading the books you’ve bought.


Address: Kerkstraat 96-98

Bocca is considered to be one of the best coffee roasters in the city. Maybe because of local coffee legends – Vinni and Julia, I am not sure. Bocca is definitely worth visiting. There’s plenty of room to sit back, surf online and enjoy your coffee. Don’t forget to take some coffee beans back home with you.

Proeflokaal Arendsnest

Address: Herengracht 90

A traditional Dutch pub serving only Dutch beers. The name of this pub can be translated as ‘a local tasting house’. If you want to learn something about local beers and breweries, this is definitely your place to go. They serve beer from over 50 local breweries (and all of them are Dutch!) – 30 different in a tap at once, as well as around 100 bottled beers. I guess all their craft beers are superb, so it’s best to ask the barman for a recommendation. The seating area is located in the basement which makes the vibe even cooler. Proeflokaal Arendsnest also offers some cold food options like sausage, chips, cheese, etc. Surprisingly, prices are reasonable when compared to other local breweries.

De Ceuvel

Address: Korte Papaverweg 4

De Ceuvel is a combination of a city playground and a pub area. Everyone feels welcome there and the vibe is really friendly. Not in the very center of the city but definitely worth taking a trip to Amsterdam Noord. After all it’s only a 5-minute ferry ride away from Amsterdam Central Station. If the weather is pleasant, this spot is nothing but awesome. How about some sunbathing while browsing online and sipping a nice local beer? Or a delicious homemade ginger lemonade.

Does Amsterdam Airport Have Free Wifi?

Having a few hours to burn while waiting for a flight? Surfing the Internet is one of the best ways to kill the time but tourists rarely want to pay for data roaming.

Fortunately, Amsterdam Schiphol has free WiFi available everywhere indoors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you need to do is log in to the Schiphol Airport network (it’s called ‘Airport_Free_WiFi’) with your smartphone or laptop and that’s it, you can start browsing online.

You can stay online in four-hourly increments. After four hours you can re-join the network and access is restored. Since 2014, the time you spend using the airport WiFi has been unlimited which makes Schiphol Airport one of the best airports in the world. At the airport, there is also a chance to use one of the airport’s desktop computers in the internet lounge. All computers there have secure connections and your private data is wiped from the computer once your session is finished.

Free WiFi in Amsterdam Centraal

Passengers at Amsterdam’s main train station will also find free WiFi. Similarly to the airport’s WiFi, you just need to log in to the Centraal Station’s free network.

If you have any trouble while trying to log in, find the information center. Their staff is extremely helpful, they speak English very well. What’s really cool, there’s also free WiFi in most intercity trains in the whole country. If you want to browse online for free during your journey, just find the network called ‘WiFi in de trein’ and log in. No password is required. Unfortunately, free WiFi is only available in intercity trains (there is the WiFi logo outside of the train), sprinter trains don’t have such service.

Are There Any Apps I Can Use to Find the Closest WiFi in Amsterdam?

There are 2 handy apps often used by both locals and tourists who want to surf online for free while in the city:

  • WiFi Amsterdam – an app with more than 90 locations offering free WiFi in Amsterdam. There’s also an interactive map to find the closest one.
  • FON – more a community than a tool (unfortunately you need a special router to use FON). Members share their wireless access with other members which means all users can use any WiFi access within the community.

Despite the guidelines above, and some tips on how to find free WiFi in Amsterdam, you’ll probably find some new spots while wandering around the city. Having too much leisure time while visiting Amsterdam? Check what locals do not to be bored!

Wrap Up

From my experience, Amsterdam is one of the best places in the world when it comes to access to the Internet. I wouldn’t really worry about Wifi. You can get it almost everywhere. Enjoy Online Amsterdam! 🙂

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